Watch: Real Life Hulk Takes Parking Dispute Into His Own Hands

Vehicle disputes happen, no matter how nice you are. Whether it’s at a stoplight or in the parking lot, sometimes there’s just someone who doesn’t want you to have a good day.

Next time that happens to me, I want Hakan Acar around.

Acar, a 23-year-old Turkish bodybuilder living in Luton, England, showed the world in a now-viral video why he’s known as the “Tulk” — that’s “the Turkish Hulk” — when he used his immense strength to wade into a parking dispute between his aunt, Abi Mustafa, and her neighbors.

The neighbors, at what is likely the climax of what has reportedly been a month-long dispute, according to the Mirror, had parked their car, a Vauxhall Corsa, in front of his aunt’s driveway on Sept. 24.

“They had put it there deliberately to block my auntie in. It was an act of revenge because they don’t like where she parks and that’s just not fair,” said Acar, according to The Sun.

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The Daily Mail reported that the dispute came from the neighbors being upset with Mustafa for parking her car in front of their house — on a public road.

Whatever the case was, it seems as though the neighbors were clearly in the wrong — at least it was clear enough to Acar.

So he decided to do something about it.

“I said to the guy opposite: ‘Either you’re going to move the car, or I’m going to move the car,” he recalled according to the Mirror. “He said in response, ‘I will call the police.’ But I didn’t mind, because I knew blocking somebody’s driveway is just not the right thing to do.”

He didn’t really plan on moving the car, but he was upset, and something had to give.

“I’m quite a calm person,” he said, “I’m not an angry person at all, but hearing the way he spoke to my auntie just upset me a bit.

“To be honest I didn’t go over with the intention of actually pushing the car in the first place. I just wanted to see how heavy it was but then I (realized) I could move it.”

He probably should have assumed he was capable of moving such a small car.

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“I’ve pulled eight-and-a-half tonne trucks before so a one tonne Corsa wasn’t going to be a problem,” he recalled.


“My cousin started coming over to help me push it,” he said. “However as I lifted it, it just started moving and I knew I’d got it going. It turned out I’d moved it before my cousin could even make it over.”

He even lost his shoes in the herculean effort.

The Daily Mail reported that law enforcement is now investigating the matter because the affected neighbors are claiming that he damaged the vehicle in the process.

It’s hard to sympathize.

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