James Woods Makes Earth-Shattering Statement, ‘Let’s Be Clear Democrats…’

Like clockwork, countless Democrats immediately began attacking the law-abiding members of the National Rifle Association and demanding stricter gun control laws be imposed on the citizenry in the wake of the terrible Las Vegas massacre.

Of course this included House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who took to Twitter to state, “Let’s be clear: there is a difference between the NRA & gun owners. Many gun owners want common sense efforts to #EndGunViolence.”

But that declarative from Pelosi didn’t go unchallenged by noted Hollywood conservative and hilarious troll of leftists extraordinaire James Woods, who replied to Pelosi with a rather blunt, declarative statement of his own.

Woods posted, “Let’s be clear: more known #Democrats have murdered people with guns than all @NRA members combined.”

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Obviously, such a bold statement is bound to ruffle some feathers. But this isn’t the first time that it has been pointed out anecdotally that more gun violence — particularly mass murders and assassinations — have been perpetrated by left-leaning individuals than by those on the right.

In fact, there has been an internet meme circulating online for the past several years listing a number of prominent assassinations and mass shootings over the years purportedly committed by Democrats or leftists, a list that left-leaning Snopes declared “mostly false” even as they admitted that the allegations against most of the names on the compiled list were “unproven,” and thus could be true.

One such pared down list of mass shooters and murders suspected of being Democrats was recently posted by the pro-Second Amendment website Tactical Sh**, which led them to ask the question: “Why are no conservative NRA members involved in mass shootings?” And, if that truly is the case, “maybe we should just make it illegal for Democrats to buy guns?”

Along those lines, pro-gun website The Truth About Guns published a rather revealing, if assumption-based, numbers-crunching piece in 2016 looking at firearms-related homicides as they compared with political affiliations based on crime rate statistics and general voting patterns.

The piece ultimately concluded, based on their calculations, that Democrats were responsible for committing roughly 68 percent of the firearms murders in this country in 2014, which would seemingly be in line with Woods’ assertion that Democrats likely commit more murder than conservative NRA members.

To be sure, such a generality is not easily provable and of course there will be exceptions here and there that the left will howlingly point out, but it nevertheless seems that most of the recent mass shooters tend to align with the left politically.

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