Cyclist Finds Puppy in Canal Nearly Dead, Rushes to Bring Pup Back to Life


Finding stray dogs and puppies is not uncommon in the slightest, and unfortunately, finding them in distress isn’t, either.

But those terrifying events can end in happiness for those sweet little puppers in need of help. When the right person comes along and sees them, they’re sure to receive the help they need.

A puppy  in a canal was in desperate need of CPR, and that right person just happened to be riding his bike that day.

This unnamed cyclist in an unnamed location came across this drenched puppy that wasn’t breathing. But something called to him and he immediately took it upon himself to save its life.

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Based on some comments on the video, it’s possible this happened in Vietnam while the man was meeting his friends to go fishing. He said the body felt warm when he picked up out of the water, so it’s likely that whatever happened to the pup was very recent.

It’s a sad reality that many people who have unwanted puppies try to drown them. Who knows if that was the case for this innocent little creature, but fortunately he was found by someone willing to give him a chance.

The cyclist turned the dog upside down in an effort to push any water out — which is similar to what you would do when a puppy is born and not breathing — but he had no luck and moved on to other methods.

He started rubbing the puppy vigorously, trying to stimulate it enough for it to wake up. As time goes on, it’s not enough, and so the man starts performing animal CPR.

He seems to have some knowledge of what he’s doing, because his hands are sure and steady, and he’s not hesitating.

The video cuts away, saying that the man continues his efforts for many minutes. Somehow he’s gotten his hands on a water bottle that’s been cut in half, wraps a tissue around it, and uses it as a sort of reverse funnel to breathe into the puppy’s mouth.

You can hear it whining, slowly starting to get its breath back and wiggling a little. It’s painful to watch, but also reassuring knowing that this little fighter will make it.

Finally, the revived pupper was able to stand, and he tootled around a little on stiff legs. The cyclist kept an eye on the tiny thing and occasionally tapped it to make sure it didn’t slip away again.

Warning: the video may be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.

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That close-up at the end is enough to melt your heart. In a few replies on the video, the account that posted the video — it doesn’t seem to be the person who recorded the footage — says the puppy is now in good condition.

But I want to know if the rescuer took that sweet face home and got him warmed up and taken care of. No little pup deserves to be left out after an ordeal like that — or ever.

No matter what, though, this man is a hero. He didn’t have to stop to save this puppy’s life, but he did, and I am eternally grateful on behalf of that sweet little face.

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