Dad & Dog Have Heartwarming Routine To Pray Together Before Every Meal Pup Enjoys


Saying prayers before meals is a wonderful way to bring the family together each day to give thanks to God for all he provides.

Whether its the same prayer every night or something straight from the heart, its a reminder to take a step back from the busy activities of life and remember what its all about.

One man has certainly instilled the importance of mealtime prayers in his family, including their 11-week-old yellow lab puppy.

Kahlua, the adorable pup, knows that before he can eat his delicious dinner, he must always take a moment to pause and say a prayer of thanks with his owner.

The pair’s routine was caught on camera, and it is melting hearts around the globe.

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When Kahlua hears the familiar sound of his owner preparing his meal, he races onto the scene ready to devour his kibble in the mere seconds only puppies can.

He stays right alongside his owner as they make their way to his food bowl, being sure to keep an eye on his precious food in his owner’s hand.

Being told to sit and stay, the pup quickly does as he’s told. His owner kneels down alongside him and says “Let’s pray,” and the pup immediately lays down to say his prayers.

“Lord we ask that you bless this food and nourish it to our bodies,” his owner begins.

Although little Kahlua begins to eye his food bowl, he does his best to focus on the task at hand.

“We are very grateful and appreciative of everything we have,” the owner continues. “Thank you Lord for everything. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.”

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At the sound of “Amen,” Kahlua knows the prayer has come to an end and that his feast can begin. He pops up from the floor and digs into his well-deserved meal.


What an adorable and well-trained pup! With this much patience and faith, we know Kahlua will grow up to be one amazing furry friend.

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