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Dad Perfectly Sums Up the Plot of Every Made-for-TV Christmas Movie in Hilarious Video


People are very opinionated about their movie-watching habits. Some people have to see everything as soon as it hits theaters, some only watch the flicks that get good ratings and stand the test of time.

Most people have a very clear position on sappy, rom-com, holiday movies. You know, the ones that only come on TV?

They’re guilty pleasures for a lot of people, but there are others who watch them without shame. They don their best cozy pajamas, heat up something warm and delicious to drink, and settle back for some cry-inducing Christmas feels.

If you watch TV, there’s the Hallmark Channel, a staple for feel-good films. There’s something so comfortable and familiar about the characters and storylines — probably because most of them are the same.

For some people, that’s boring. For others, it’s like snuggling up under a warm blanket and not having to worry about what kind of movie this will be.

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If you use services like Netflix, you have a plethora of choices to choose from. You’ve also probably come across their film “A Christmas Prince,” released last year.

It was a charming movie that followed all the rules for a lighthearted, romantic Christmas movie. Many people liked it. Some people loved it. A lot.

Netflix tweeted out a message last December to a group of individuals who had been watching the movie every day for almost three weeks straight.

Some people might think that only women are drawn to these kinds of movies, but they’d be wrong. One gentleman is not only an avid fan of the genre, but he’s also distilled the genre into a specific formula.

His daughter decided to approach him and ask a bit about what he was doing, though she may not have expected him to launch into a lesson that lasted for several minutes.

“I caught my dad watching made-for-tv Christmas Movies and was shocked by what I learned over the next 3 minutes,” the beginning of the clip reveals.

“Dad, I have to go, but first, what are you watching?”

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“Made-for-TV Christmas movies,” he states matter-of-factly. “I probably watch, I don’t know, 30 of these every Christmas. I really like ’em.”

First, he describes the scenery used in these films. “You know, the settings are always Christmastime and it’s snowy. It’s nowhere down in… Florida. There’s snow… on the… everywhere except it’s not on the roads. They seem dry.”

“It’s like a little town — I don’t even know where they find all these towns but — they always know each other by name.”

Do you like to watch made-for-TV Christmas movies?

Then he gets into the characters: What they wear, how they act, and how the two main characters relate to one another.

“They always have a scarf and hat and gloves on, but they NEVER button up their coats.”

“Usually the lady is almost always dating someone, if she’s not totally into her work. And HA! Their personalities always clash. They usually tolerate each other because they’re either co-workers or they’re neighbors.”

“And I don’t know why, but they always gotta chop down a Christmas tree. Who takes an ax to cut down a Christmas tree? You always take a bow saw!”

He dissects the genre with finesse, aware of all the little details that make these holiday movies what they are. Of course, he ends his lesson by asking his daughter if she wants to watch one with him, as any true made-for-TV Christmas movie aficionado would.

Do you know any fans of these Christmas films? Share this with them to see if they can relate!

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