Shock Case: Dad Suspected of Hiring Hitman After 15-Year-Old Daughter's Molester Found Dead


It isn’t the right thing to do. But there are many parents who could understand or even sympathize with the alleged action taken by the father in question.

An Italian man’s daughters were molested and one of them later committed suicide. Now, the man stands suspected of putting out a hit on the pedophile who harmed his girls, which led his 15-year-old to ending her own life in 2008.

Giuseppe Matarazzo — “a disgraced former priest,” according to the British news outlet The Week — had served 11-and-a-half years in prison for molesting the sisters, according to the British news site Unilad, citing Italian news reports. In July, just weeks after his release, the 45-year-old was shot to death the province of Benevento, north of Naples.

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Two men have already been arrested, though at least one more is believed to have been involved in the slaying. Unilad reported that the unemployed men’s sudden change in spending habits first got the attention of the police.

Generoso Nasta, 30, and 55-year-old Giuseppe Massaro are believed to have participated in the murder-for-hire scheme. Police believe that Massaro was in charge of the logistics for the hit and for providing the vehicle used in it.

They also believe that Nasta was the driver of the vehicle, and provided the gun that ultimately ended Matarazzo’s life. It is believed that a third man, still at large, was the one who actually pulled the trigger.

Unilad reported that police have confirmed the murder was “on commission” meaning it was a “hired crime.” The father of the girls is suspected of being the one who paid for the hit.

If the dad is guilty, should he be shown any leniency?

Shortly before the killing, a “suspicious car” had been seen in the area where the shooting took place.

GPS obtained by the police show that the vehicle was in the area in the days leading up to the murder. It was also there on the day the killing occurred.

If the father did, in fact, hire the killers, such vengeance is never OK. But on social media, some have cheered the father for possibly ridding the earth of a pedophile. Parents the world over have a dangerously low tolerance for pedophiles, and even in prison, pedophiles are thought of in the lowest of terms.

In 2003, ABC News reported that, at least in the United States, “Prison is ‘Living Hell’ for pedophiles.”

A spokeswoman for California Department of Corrections, Margot Bach, even told ABC that killing a pedophile in prison can be a way to earn status among fellow inmates.

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“Taking (a pedophile) out would gain (the killer) a lot more respect among the other inmates,” she said.

A 2003 report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics noted that sex offenders are “were 4 times more likely to be rearrested” and that almost half of the released sex offenders had been imprisoned for child molestation.

If the father in Italy really did commission the murder of the man who molested his daughters, to him, a prison sentence may seem like a small price to pay for vengeance against the man who took so much from his daughters and him.

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