Dan Bongino Has Had Enough: Mueller Probe Is Taxpayer Funded ‘Scam of the Century'


Radio host and political commentator Dan Bongino called special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe the “scam of the century,” on ‘Fox & Friends” Monday.

He added that taxpayers are continuing to shoulder the financial burden of the investigation.

Bongino was discussing White House leaks to The Washington Post about former national security adviser Michael Flynn and said the Russia probe has failed to produce tangible results.

“Dave Ignatius of The Washington Post was on the receiving end of Mike Flynn’s name as part of an unmasking operation,” Bongino said.

“This is a felony. It’s not a misdemeanor. It’s not mattress tag ripping off. This is a felony. Where is that investigation? The answer — nobody knows. The press was intimately involved in this. And again, I still can’t figure out why Mike Flynn was interviewed in the first place.” 

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Bongino said the purpose of the investigation is to “produce crimes” instead of seeking out the truth.

“This is all getting lost,” he continued.

This is the one investigation that the sole purpose of the investigation is to produce crimes, not to investigate.”

He also accused Mueller’s team of spending millions of dollars and coming up with nothing.

Do you agree with Bongino?

“This is the scam of the century, this investigation,” Bongino said.

It reminds me of — remember the bridge to nowhere? The tax funded bridge to nowhere? This is the investigation to nowhere. It’s a taxpayer-funded disaster. They will find nothing in it. It’s a mess. It’s a train wreck.” 

“At best they came up with a campaign finance violation. That’s the best you’ve got after $20 million?” he continued. 

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