Daughter Pulled from Class for Special Delivery on Valentine's Day


There are a lot of thoughts out there about what it is exactly that makes a family. But, most would agree a key component is love.

Parents show love to their kids in all kinds of ways. Even in correction, parents are loving their children by teaching them right from wrong.

But sometimes parents find touching ways to show their offspring just how very special they are.

And these moments create memories that are sure to last a lifetime for the recipients.

Using the Twitter handle “Steve the tool man,” one young man shared a such a story from his family.

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His tweet included an image and short blurb that generated a massive reaction from the Twitterverse.

He wrote, “My dad took time from his job to go to my sister’s classroom and dropped off flowers wow she’s gonna be so spoiled, this is the kind of father I look forward to being.”

The image showed his dad, leaning down, and handing a bouquet of flowers to his thrilled little girl outside her classroom.

That one simple but beautiful tweet garnered more than 36,000 shares, 183,000 likes and almost 200 comments. But “Steve the tool man” wasn’t done yet.

Steve and his younger sister are very lucky kids. Dad isn’t the only one who goes the extra mile to show the family love.

According to Steve, his mom is just as amazing when it comes to showering the family with the special treatment.

To prove it, he also shared a touching video clip of her own Valentine’s day treat for the family.

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Steve reaffirmed that he has learned from the example set for him and plans on being just like his dad. He also said he loves his parents, and it is easy to see why.

Notably, nothing either parent did cost a lot of money, although both took some time and thought. But those simple acts meant everything to their kids.

It’s a great reminder to parents everywhere that it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive.

And it’s clear that the effort, filled with love, is what makes all the difference in the world to children.

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