Delusional: MSNBC Gets Rare Ratings Win over Fox News Based on Nothing


Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.

That adage proved itself to be true this past week when far-left MSNBC scored some rare ratings wins over cable titan Fox News, according to Deadline.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was the biggest beneficiary.

For three consecutive nights from Tuesday to Thursday, Maddow’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” garnered the highest ratings across all of cable TV. She netted a whopping average of 3.674 million viewers in that frame, 758,000 of whom were in the much-coveted 25-54 year demographic.

She even beat out normal ratings king Sean Hannity. Fox News’ ratings behemoth netted 2.935 million viewers, with 572,000 viewers in the 25-54 demographic.

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Maddow’s numbers goosed MSNBC to the top in terms of total viewership during her hot streak, beating out second-place Fox News and third-place CNN.

Gold star for Maddow and MSNBC on a three-night winning streak.

However, as a July Deadline report notes, Fox News still has a ridiculous streak of 66 straight cable television quarters with the most full day and primetime viewers.

So MSNBC still has quite a bit of ground to cover before it actually catches up to Fox News.

And from all indications, MSNBC’s ratings bump is all but unsustainable. Just look at their subject matter.

The far-left had a field day with what, at first glance, seemed like a terrible week for President Donald Trump.

Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty regarding tax charges and charges related to the president’s hush money payouts. Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was found guilty on five counts of tax fraud, two of bank fraud, and one for failure to properly register a foreign bank account.

Several prominent Trump allies, such as National Enquirer chief David Pecker and former Trump “financial gatekeeper” Allen Weisselberg were granted immunity in the Cohen probe.

That’s a lot of bad news. Or is it?

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If the far-left’s endgame is Trump’s impeachment based on Russian collusion, what have they really ended up with at the end of the week?

The worst implication for Trump regarding Manafort is that the president may not have the best judge of character. Other than that, Manafort’s convictions have nothing to do with Russian collusion.

It’s still far too early to note if Pecker or Weisselberg actually know anything incriminating — even assuming there’s something incriminating to even begin with.

And Cohen’s guilty plea regarding Trump’s hush money payouts is not a clear-cut win either for the far-left. Paying off former flames is not inherently illegal. There may be campaign protocol violations, but very little to suggest Russian collusion, which would be the real “smoking gun” the far-left so desperately wants to exist.

MSNBC scored some ratings wins. Good for them. It wasn’t “fake news,” per se, that bumped those ratings. But it was certainly false equivalencies.

If MSNBC wants to celebrate a victory in ratings based on illusions, the television equivalent of a sugar high, the only word for it is “delusional.”

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Bryan Chai has written news and sports for The Western Journal for more than five years and has produced more than 1,300 stories. He specializes in the NBA and NFL as well as politics.
Bryan Chai has written news and sports for The Western Journal for more than five years and has produced more than 1,300 stories. He specializes in the NBA and NFL as well as politics. He graduated with a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. He is an avid fan of sports, video games, politics and debate.
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