Democrats Have Divided America

It was not long ago that America was the most united it has ever been. President Ronald Reagan won 49 states in the 1984 election. He won California, New York and even Hawaii.

Such a near-unanimous decision seems like it would be impossible today. What happened?

There are three main tactics used by Democrats that are causing a divide in our country: identity politics, censorship and promoting abortion.

In recent years, the bad economic policies of the Democrats have failed to work. Big government and heavy tax burdens caused stagnation. Under President Barack Obama, economic growth was limited. The Democrats desperately needed a new set of political tactics to garner votes.

The creation of identity politics was the first phase of the Democrat plan. Identity politics refers to championing policy and campaigning for the votes of specific groups of people.

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Democrats could not recruit voters with an economic message, so a racial message would have to do.

But by appealing to certain groups of people, Democrats have essentially divided racial groups in America by political lines.

Before a few years ago, it felt as if racial tensions in America were low and people could come together without needing to discuss race. Now, Democrats have made everything about race.

The use of identity politics by Democrats have landed them votes. Democrats simply campaign for looser immigration laws and try to win as many Democrat voters as possible. Their immigration policy is not for the benefit of immigrants or Americans; they only want political power.

The second method of Democrat division is censorship.

Democrats are uneasy about letting their opinions be challenged. They typically do not have a strong economic argument; as a result, Democrats want to stifle speech with which they do not agree.

The main consequence of censoring speech is blowback from the censored parties. People do not like to be censored, and the 21st century gives censored voices a platform via the Internet and alternative media.

Those who are censored are obviously not going to be very happy with the Democrats, and revealing this censorship stokes anger toward Democrats. The anger is reciprocated by the Democrat Party, which sought to silence these voices to begin with.

Even unsavory opinions fester and grow as a result of not being challenged. Opinions that are deemed reprehensible ought to be debated so the flaws in their arguments can be revealed.

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Without being challenged or debated, racists and political extremists of all types are able to grow freely. Censorship does not work.

The third, and perhaps most sinister divisive tactic of Democrats is the promotion of abortion. This is a sinister political stance because babies are human beings, even if they happen to be in the womb.

Several Democrats and radical feminists have even advocated for third-trimester abortions. I cannot fathom how anybody could believe those babies are not real human beings who deserve a right to life like every other human being.

Democrats are willing to sacrifice human life for political points with radical feminists. Many people are outraged by this, and rightfully so.

The Democrats want to benefit from a divided America. Their policies are radical and destructive. We must resist such divisive political tactics and yearn for a united country like the United States of America under Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Malachi Bailey is a dissident intellectual dedicated to the preservation of Western values. To contact him, email or follow him on Twitter @MBDissident.

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