Democrats Preparing Authoritarian Crackdown for Convention, and Chicago Residents Will Pay the Price


With the Democratic National Convention just 2 months away, the city of Chicago and its residents are already feeling the weight of Democrat higher-ups coming to town.

The convention is set for Aug. 19 through Aug. 22 at the United Center, where the party is expected to meet to formally nominate incumbent President Joe Biden for the November presidential election.

While Democrats haven’t been shy in recent years espousing politics that are anti-police, pro-harassment of public officials, and pro-rioting, the atmosphere of the convention is taking a decidedly different tone.

The Chicago Police Department’s former chief of detectives, and a public safety consultant, Gene Roy told Fox News, “They want to portray an image of calm, of peace, an orderly convention.”

Roy added: “They obviously do not want any negative images, whether it’s protesters or confrontations with police, to get out.”

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Democrats will want to avoid pro-Palestine agitators accusing President Biden of genocide or anything resembling the unrest they found when Chicago hosted the DNC in 1968 as anti-Vietnam War demonstrations raged.

WFLD reports that CPD Supt. Larry Snelling laid out the low tolerance measures that will be in place. “If you block a roadway, or you block a venue, or you’re on private property and you refuse to leave, those are crimes,”

Roy laid out the essentials of the DNC in painting a picture of a bubble around the United Center and the McCormick Place convention center where security will be tight, peace and order will rule the day, and Democrat officials will drop in for those days then make their exit.

While the event will only be a few days in August, WFLD spoke to residents who are already worried this summer about how the DNC will impact them.

Are Democrats going too far with their convention security measures?

Georgina Pereira owns a restaurant near the United Center. She’s been told she will have her car searched every time she leaves her house during the convention.

Other residents told WFLD they just want to know how to go about getting to work and accessing emergency services.

What can be gleamed from these preparations is that Democrats are capable, but typically unwilling when it comes to “fixing” — even temporarily — their cities.

Readers need only remember when California Gov. Gavin Newsom quickly cleaned up San Francisco in anticipation of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit, to know Democrats usually care, but only when the cameras are on.

Or, better yet, readers need only remember the way Democrats viciously snatched power during the COVID pandemic to know what they actually care about — and it’s not their constituents.

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Democratic operatives do not want to be embarrassed by Chicago’s incompetent officials or rampant crime.

It will be hard enough making Biden look presentable without the city in flames during his visit.

Both the DNC and status quo are a lose/lose for residents.

Under typical circumstances, they deal with apathetic city officials who do not care for their safety.

When the DNC is in town because they “care” so much, they deal with major disruptions to their lives and restrictions on their freedoms.

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