Democrats Stay True to Party, Ignore Bigger Picture To Focus on Russia in Social Media Hearing


While attending a hearing Tuesday addressing political bias against conservatives online, nearly all of the Democrats focused their time on Russia and child separation at the border.

At the hearing with Facebook, Google and Twitter representatives, the Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee — including Reps. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, Pramila Jayapal of Washington state, Jerrold Nadler of New York and others — chose to focus their attention on President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin or the former policy of placing children in separate facilities when groups of immigrants are caught illegally entering the country.

Raskin said that the hearing is based on a “fantasy” and a “right-wing myth,” and that instead the committee should be dealing with the “crisis” Trump caused by his meeting with Putin.

Adding to Raskin’s comments, Congress is “bullying Facebook about how it treated conservative pundits Diamond and Silk, or bullying Twitter about how it treated Republican Rep. of Tennessee Marsha Blackburn,” said Democratic Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson.

“We’ve not had hearings dealing with the snatching of children from families,” said Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas.

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Jayapal criticized the meeting as a whole as well, saying it is a way to distract from the “right-wing interests… undermining our democracy.”

Democrats would typically dismiss the issue of tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google having a bias against conservatives, with Raskin labeling it a “conspiracy theory.”

If any Democrat acknowledged political bias on the tech giants’ platforms, they countered the Republicans’ evidence of bias against conservatives by saying the platforms’ recent attempts to mitigate that bias is, in itself, biased against liberals.

“What is Facebook doing to address disproportionate censorship of people of color on the platform?” Democratic Rep. Karen Bass of California asked.

Do you think social media is biased against liberals as well as conservatives?

Without providing specific examples, she added, “An example is, over the last few years multiple well-known black activists have had their content removed or accounts banned for speaking about racial against injustice.”

Facebook representative Monika Bickert responded by informing Bass about the Facebook appeal process, which un-does any accidental post-removals or account deletions.

Facebook, Google and Twitter have a history of biased actions against conservatives, as The Daily Caller News Foundation previously reported.

Google search results mislabeled a Republican senator a “bigot” and referred to the Republican Party as a Nazi ideology.

Twitter once suspended Steven Crowder, a popular conservative comedian and political pundit, from the platform.

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Facebook’s new algorithms have damaged conservative news sites, while liberal ones have remained nearly unchanged.

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