While Dems Dismiss Voter Fraud Threat, Man Arrested for Voting as His Dead Mother 3 Times

Democrats and the media are pushing a false narrative that President Donald Trump is going after USPS mailboxes, trucks and mail-sorting facilities to suppress votes ahead of the November election.

Images of mailboxes and trucks supposedly being decommissioned by operatives for the president are going viral on Twitter, where the tech giant’s fact-checkers are looking the other way.

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Twitter actually censored Trump, slapping tweets about election security with a fact check label back in May, but the company has since let numerous, unsubstantiated and unhinged posts about an attack on postal workers go viral online.

“We added a label to two @realDonaldTrump Tweets about California’s vote-by-mail plans as part of our efforts to enforce our civic integrity policy. We believe those Tweets could confuse voters about what they need to do to receive a ballot and participate in the election process,” the platform tweeted, referring to a pair of Trump posts questioning the security of mail-in voting.

Trump had criticized California for its plans to send nonsecure mail ballots to every voter in the state.

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Where are the fact-checkers when you need them?

Of course universal mail-in voting is the endgame for Democrats and the Silicon Valley goons who are allowing misinformation about mailboxes to go unchecked online.

Do you think universal mail-in voting would undermine the integrity of the November election?

Democrats want to assure us that election fraud is rare, and the selective enforcement of Twitter’s so-called “civic integrity policy” is yet another indication that there is an all hands on deck effort to silence any critics of mail-in voting over its potential to undermine the November election.

The simple truth is, no person knows how rampant voter fraud might be or how prevalent it has been in past elections.

We do know that people are frequently arrested for or accused of attempting to undermine election integrity by engaging in voter fraud.

The latest of those is a Los Angeles County man who is accused of voting as his dead mother three times in three different elections.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office Tuesday accused 55-year-old Caesar Peter Abutin of Norwalk, California, of pretending to be his mother in the elections between October 2012 and November 2014.

Abutin’s mother died in 2006.

“Such voter fraud charges are rarely filed in L.A. County and often are hard to prove, but officials said Abutin’s repeated pattern of voting using a long-deceased relative’s ID raised alarm bells,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

It took a multi-agency investigation to name Abutin for his alleged crimes.

He faces up to three years in a California state prison for his alleged crimes.

The Times report on the charges is a rare piece of journalism from the left-leaning newspaper, as Democrats and their big tech and media cohorts would like us all to keep talking about protecting mailboxes from Republicans, even as mail-in voting has already proved disastrous in places such as New Jersey.

Examples of voter fraud, no matter how rampant they may or may not be, are out there, and the issue is one that should concern every American.

Trump accused Democrats of making mail-in voting “a political issue” this week.

“It’s not a political issue; it’s really about a correct vote,” Trump said in a news conference Tuesday.

In an election where Democrats and the media have proven they have no low with regard to what they will do to win, even the appearance of an unfair election could destabilize the entire country.

Trump is one of few elected officials attesting to protect the integrity of a fair election, and he’s being painted as the villain.

Twitter and Democrats would like Trump to quit reminding you that mail-in voting is vulnerable to fraud.

The broader establishment media would like to spike any story that questions the security of those millions of mass mail-in ballots.

The Los Angeles County charges can be added to the growing number of instances in which people have demonstrated they are not above malfeasance at the polls.

Universal mail-in voting would only aid people with such motives in further committing crimes against the bedrock of democracy — our elections.

But as long as we keep talking about protecting blue mailboxes from threats that are nonexistent, we can avoid talking about the actual issue.

Democrats want us to trust the unreliable and inefficient USPS with our election.

They’ve also want attempted to gaslight us for years by telling us that dead people don’t vote, which is patently untrue, at least in Los Angeles County.

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Johnathan "Kipp" Jones has worked as a reporter, an editor and a producer in radio, television and digital media. He is a proud husband and father.
Johnathan "Kipp" Jones has worked as an editor and producer in radio and television. He is a proud husband and father.