As Dems Attack Trump on Russia, They're Running Their Own Russian Candidate


To Democrats who engage in the very policies they publicly denounce, conservatives have encapsulated this hypocrisy into one devastating phrase:  “Do what I say, not what I do.”

Among other issues, this phrase is applicable to preachy celebrities who advocate for gun control while employing a security force armed with the very guns they want denied to the populace.

But now in the age of Trump Democratic hypocrisy, Russia is involved.

While lambasting Trump about his alleged Russian connections, Democrats are fielding a Russian-born candidate: Dimitri Shein, who is currently running in the Democrat primary in Alaska.

To his credit, Shein typifies the American Dream.

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His family emigrated from then-communist Soviet Union. After his father abandoned them, Shein and his mother were reduced to living in a shack and surviving on welfare.

Shein has been working since he was 12 years old, first delivering newspapers and eventually becoming an accountant.

Now Shein wants to become the congressman for Alaska.  His competition are two independents, Aly Galvin and Christopher Cumings, and a Democrat, Carol Hafner.

Galvin and Cumings have never visited Alaska. Meanwhile, Shein, who lives in Alaska, has traveled up and down the state to meet with voters.

Are Democrats being hypocritical by running Shein?

Shein’s reason for entering politics is to “save” the country from President Donald Trump.

After the election, Shein stated, “I woke up in a different country … This is not the country I remember arriving in that welcomed me.”

Shein’s platform comes straight from Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator who mounted a presidential campaign against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Shein’s main issue is to provide Medicare for American citizens and to repeal Trump’s tax cuts.

But Shein is also critical of Democrats for timidly refusing to run on policies that “makes sense to most Democrats.” For Stein, this is the reason they lose.

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“(Democrats) don’t shake it up, they don’t push new ideas,” he said.

As such, Shein is running as a maverick. But Shein himself is not pushing new “ideas,” but rather the same tired socialist policies that were a failure in the country from which he emigrated.

Thus, Shein typifies what conservative humorist P.J.O’Rourke said of Bernie Sanders: He supports an ideology that the “Berlin Wall landed on.”

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