Dennis Prager Getting Ready to Slam Google Over Ban of Conservative Videos

A conservative company that creates educational videos is suing Google and YouTube, claiming that its videos have been illegally censored because of their political leanings.

According to Ars Technica, PragerU filed a lawsuit on Monday claiming that YouTube and Google have been deliberately “restricting” some of their videos.

“Google/YouTube have represented that their platforms and services are intended to effectuate the exercise free speech among the public,” the complaint read.

“As applied to PragerU, Google/YouTube use their restricted mode filtering not to protect younger or sensitive viewers from ‘inappropriate’ video content, but as a political gag mechanism to silence PragerU,” the complaint continued.

PragerU, which was founded in 2011 by conservative host Dennis Prager, claimed YouTube and Google restricted its viewers with certain parental settings that prevented the company from generating ad revenue.

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PragerU stated they believe at least 37 of its videos have been censored by “restricted mode filtering,” a feature that limits views based on a slew of reasons, including age restrictions.

The lawsuit, which can be seen below, stated the videos that were restricted contained “educational content ranging from the legal creation of Israel and the history of the Korean War, to the idea of diversity of thought on college campuses.”

YouTube and Google’s actions are “absurd, arbitrary, capricious, and devoid of any rational basis,” according to the complaint.

The lawsuit cited “Fashion Valley Mall v. National Labor Relations Board,” a case in which the California Supreme Court ruled protesters were allowed to hand out pamphlets on mall property even though they advocated for boycotts on certain stores in the mall.

Prager strongly believes his company was targeted for being conservative.

“Watch any one of our videos and you’ll immediately realize that Google/YouTube censorship is entirely ideologically driven,” Prager said in a statement, according to The Hill.

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“For the record, our videos are presented by some of the finest minds in the Western world, including four Pulitzer Prize winners, former prime ministers, and professors from the most prestigious universities in America,” he added.

Some of the videos that were removed had titles such as: “The most important question about abortion,” “Where are the moderate Muslims?” and “Is Islam a religion of peace?”

The lawsuit said YouTube and Google’s arbitrary policies violated the First Amendment and several California civil rights laws.

Prager said his company heavily relies on both media giants to share their videos.

“Their censorship is profoundly damaging because Google and YouTube own and control the largest forum for public participation in video-based speech in not only California, but the United States, and the world,” he said.

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