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After Deputy Stops to Help Her, 96-Year-Old Woman Demands to Speak with His Supervisor


Whenever someone demands to “speak with the manager,” it’s generally safe to assume that something negative is forthcoming — but that’s not always the case.

Deputy Kevin Lovett with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio likely didn’t know that his interactions with a fiery young 96-year-old were about to get him a talking-to from the chief deputy — but it was a talking-to of the best sort.

Lovett had stopped recently to assist the elderly woman, whose car had a flat tire. After changing it out, he also checked the undercarriage for damage before sending her on her way.

That woman, Dollie Trent, was tremendously impressed with the deputy, and she wasn’t about to let his act of kindness slide.

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So she called the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, telling them she needed to speak to Lovett’s supervisor.

“I WANT TO SPEAK TO HIS BOSS!!!” the sheriff’s office shared in a post on Facebook. “When Dollie Trent called the office demanding to speak to Deputy Kevin Lovett’s supervisor, we had no idea we were about to be told!

“The 96-year old was recently driving (no, that number isn’t a typo and yes, she was driving) when she got a flat tire.”

She explained what Lovett had done for her, and then pressed them to do something for him.

“He laid flat on the ground with his whole body to look under my car for damage, and my car is LOW!” she told them. “God sent me an angel! What are you going to do for him?”

Relieved that the news was good, Chief Deputy Jim Gilbert arranged to thank Trent for making such a concerted effort to recognize Lovett.

He visited her and presented her with a Sheriff’s Coin for her rave review.

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But she wasn’t done yet. She’d also created a special gift basket for her personal hero, complete with popcorn, grapes, bananas and other snacks.

“Deputy Lovett also visited Dollie and she presented him with a gift basket,” the post continued.

What started out as a seemingly chance encounter has now secured a friendship, and Trent certainly seems like the kind of person you’d want on your side.

The sheriff’s office also pointed out that while these acts of kindness are not unusual for their deputies, it is rare that they are highlighted so intentionally and with so much energy.

“Truth be told, deputies frequently go out of their way to perform random acts of kindness, but Dollie refused to let this one go unnoticed,” the post concluded.

“Dollie, thank YOU for humbling us with your gratitude and feisty spirit.”

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