Desperate Little Boy Sells His Toys To Raise Money for Sick Service Dog


Dogs have so many other amazing functions besides being our constant companions. They’re soothing, protective and loyal.

Some dogs are bred to hunt or assist humans by herding livestock, others are raised to guard property or their owners, and some are even made for snuggles.

Copper is a Doberman who assists his owner in a different kind of way. Using his highly attuned senses, he is able to warn his young master, Connor Jayne, when he’s about to have a seizure.

He also helps calm young Connor down when he’s experiencing anxiety. Connor and Copper have been together for four years, and the boy and his dog are the best of friends.

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The dog nearly trained himself. The family got him as a pet and didn’t know what kind of skills he would develop.

One night, as Connor slept, Copper began barking at his door. When his mom opened the door, she saw her son having a seizure.

Copper also learned to lie on or next to Connor when he has anxiety attacks, which calms the boy down and helps shorten his episodes.

But now, 10-year-old Connor is on a mission. His best canine friend, who has protected him and kept him safe, is experiencing troubles of his own.

The Doberman has been diagnosed with “Wobbler’s Disease,” a condition common for the breed that affects the dog’s spine and mobility.

Connor had to do something, so he looked around him and came up with a plan.

“He went and cleaned out his entire playroom and because that’s what he wanted,” Connor’s mom Jennifer Jayne said. “He is that type of kid.”

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The family organized a garage sale in June, and Connor stepped up, selling his toys to raise money for Copper’s treatment. “He was quite the little salesman,” Jayne said. “He said the dog was more important than any toys.”

The family also set up a GoFundMe for the pup, and the public has answered their plea. The original goal was set at just under $3,000 to cover MRIs to determine the extent of the disease, but they have received over $17,000.

“They are best friends and always there for each other,” Jayne said. And hopefully, thanks to kind strangers, the two will be able to spend many more years together.

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