Devoted Dog Still Walks Same Path He Took with Owner Before He Passed Away


Dogs love in a unique and loyal way. They always seem to know exactly how to cheer their owners up when they’re sad.

That is why dogs make such great companions for those who struggle with depression or anxiety. Because most dogs are a beam of positivity in otherwise dark times, it’s difficult to watch a canine friend who is grieving.

That is why stories like the one of Thor, a Japanese Akita living in Brazil, are so heartbreaking.

Over two years after his owner’s death, the loyal dog still walks the same path that he would walk with his late owner.

Claudio Cantarelli was an artist who made sure to walk around his community and check in with his friends every day.

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Airton Oliveria, a friend of Cantarelli’s, said of her late friend, “He went for a walk every day. He was everyone’s friend, an artist.”

“Now Thor walks along the same route. I notice he always stops in the same places. It’s impressive,” she continued.


Another story is much like Thor’s. Another Japanese Akita Hachiko’s dedication to his owner even after his death has touched the hearts of people all across the world for decades.

Eizaburo Ueno, a professor at Tokyo University in the early 1920’s, had been wanting to adopt a purebred Akita dog for a long time. With the prompting from one of his students, he finally did and named him Hachiko, or Hachi for short.

The pair became inseparable. Eventually, Hachi began escorting his beloved owner to and from the train station every day. When Ueno would get off the train after work, his loyal dog was there waiting for him.

On May 21, 1925, however, Ueno never stepped off the train even though Hachi was there waiting for him. The professor had unexpectedly died while at work.

Hachi then moved in with his late owner’s gardener, but the dog continued to prove his devotion to Ueno by continuing the tradition of walking to the train station at the same time every morning and evening.

Commuters took notice and Hachi’s story soon traveled all over the world. He became a Japanese hero for the loyal love that he showed over his 10-year-long life.

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Since then a statue of Hatchi has been placed in the train station where he waited for his owner. Several movies have also told his sweet story.

The stories of these two dogs prove just how long a dog’s love can last for its owner, even surpassing death.

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