Diner Creates Hilarious 'My Girlfriend Isn't Hungry' Menu Option and Goes Viral

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Have you ever heard your girlfriend say, “I’m not hungry” before snatching a handful of fries off your own plate when it arrives? Or, maybe you’re the one who’s prone to taking a few bites even though you’re not starving.

If you’re used to this pattern, then you’ll definitely relate to this menu from Mama D’s, a diner in Little Rock, Arkansas.

A photo of the menu went viral when an amused patron posted the diner’s unusual offerings to Facebook.

Tucked beneath the expected french fries, mashed potatoes and green bean sides is the “My Girlfriend Is Not Hungry” option.

“Add extra french fries to your entrée, and fried chicken wings (2) or fried cheese sticks (3),” the menu reads.

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The option is a playful jab at those of us who are tempted to sneak food off of our significant other’s plate. With the “My Girlfriend Is Not Hungry” offering, boyfriends no longer have to worry about losing their side dishes to girlfriends who claim they’re full.

The menu has brought joy to so many that thousands of people have shared it across social media. Over 5,000 people have commented below the Facebook post.

Many have tagged their own fry-snatching partners. Others have pointed out that their boyfriends aren’t always innocent, either.

Some have even joked about pretending to have a significant other so they can enjoy the extra sides by themselves.

“This restaurant owner is living in 3019,” @scott_atwell88 captioned a photo of the menu on Twitter.

Other restaurants have implemented similar menu options. Another menu posted to Twitter offers a doubled order of fries and three extra onion rings for those dining with food-snatchers.

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The menu item has worked as an innovative marketing method. It seems that Mama D’s has embraced their newfound viral fame.

“Come and try our food with your girlfriend with our menu ‘my girlfriend is not hungry,’ lol,” reads a post on the Mama D’s Facebook page.

“I think everybody can relate that when we go out, our girlfriend or our wife will be like, ‘oh I’m okay with salad or I’m okay with this small thing or a drink,’ but at the end they’ll be picking on your food,” Andrew Pultra, co-owner of Mama D’s told Liftable, a section of The Western Journal. “We can give them their options now so people don’t have to spend too much, but they can get small portions that they can eat.”

But it’s more than just about the food to Mama D’s. It’s about the culture. “We wanted the restaurant menu more fun as our business culture, not just serve good and different food to the customer, also bring joys and fun to them, let the customer enjoy the good time while they are here.”

Mama D’s said the viral response is helping the diner to create even more fun, new menu items in the future.

Although Chisler’s post has sparked debates among couples about which partner is most likely to swipe food, everyone seems to agree that every menu should offer the “My Girlfriend Is Not Hungry” option.

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