Disgraceful: CNN 'Mysteriously' Suspends Pundit After Trump Praises Him


A prominent black conservative who has become a familiar face on cable news is now facing vague allegations of misconduct … and many observers are asking hard questions about the timing.

Paris Dennard is a commentator who has appeared on several outlets defending President Donald Trump, the most recent being CNN. A recent clip of his went viral after Phil Mudd, a paid employee of CNN, went on a tirade and screamed at Dennard to “get out” during a live segment.

Dennard’s “offense” was that he sided with the president and suggested that ex-intelligence officials like John Brennan may be using old security clearances for personal gain.

The much-viewed meltdown by CNN’s Mudd was bad enough, but now Dennard — who was commended by Trump online — has bigger problems.

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Just days after the African-American pundit dared to side with Trump on television, the network announced that he has been suspended over allegations from four years ago that he engaged in sexual harassment while at a university.

“CNN has suspended conservative pundit Paris Dennard amid revelations that in 2014 he was fired from Arizona State University for allegedly making sexually explicit comments and gestures toward women,” Fox News reported.

In early 2015, Dennard was apparently put on administrative leave by ASU, and then “involuntarily separated.” It does not appear that any type of charges were ever filed against the conservative commentator; it was only a university matter.

The pundit said that he thought the details of the somewhat vague allegations against him from years ago were “sealed and proprietary.”

Do you think Dennard's suspension and his support for Trump on CNN are connected?

“I cannot comment on items I have never seen regarding allegations I still believe to be false,” Dennard told The Washington Post.

He made it clear that he believes he was being targeted for defending Trump.

“This is sadly another politically motivated attempt to besmirch my character, and shame me into silence for my support of President Trump and the GOP,” Dennard continued.

Other observers had similar reactions. Another black conservative, Candace Owens, expressed her concern that Dennard was being fed to the proverbial wolves for stepping out of the liberal line.

“I want everyone to pay attention to what is happening to (Paris Dennard) and remember my words,” Owens posted on Twitter.

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“The media will begin digging and perpetuating stories (lynchings) of EVERY prominent black Trump supporter there is. The recent polling of black support for Trump at 36% is the reason,” she declared.

Other journalists and social media users posed questions about the strange timing of the allegations surfacing.

“Phil Mudd screams ‘Get out’ at Dennard on live TV and a few days later … They fire Dennard,” pointed out one user.

The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra broke the story down into four points, similarly suggesting that the conservative commentator was being punished for siding with Trump on CNN.

There are certainly some pesky questions to be asked here.

Dennard has been in the public spotlight as a Bush and now Trump campaign ally and common CNN guest. Why is it that none of the allegations from nearly five years ago surfaced until this week — at the same time he was part of a video which embarrassed one of the most anti-Trump news networks on television?

If there was insufficient evidence for anything to happen from Dennard’s alleged and unproven joking or harassment after all that time, what is CNN basing his suspension on?

To be clear, more details could come out that explain why the liberal news network axed the outspoken commentator. At this point, however, the timing does look odd … and it wouldn’t be the first time that someone was made a scapegoat in a petty attempt to punish dissent.

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