Disney Partners with Cross-Dressing Influencer to Promote Minnie Mouse Outfit


The Walt Disney Co. apparently paid a cross-dressing man to make a video to demonstrate to people on social media — and presumably children — how to dress up as Minnie Mouse.

The video is disturbing, but it is on brand for the ultra-woke company and its LGBT agenda at this point.

Disney has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in just the last year on film flops thanks, in large part, to its corporate left-wing activism.

The mothership company also cut some big names from some of its properties at ESPN — which is also losing money as it pushes a woke agenda.

But Disney evidently wasn’t so financially beleaguered last month that it couldn’t pay transvestite social media “influencer” Seann Altman to make a video tutorial on how to become a female cartoon mouse.

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His tutorial didn’t gain a lot of traction when it was first posted to TikTok on July 21, but in the weeks since, the video has started to make waves.

In just 73 seconds, Disney’s values are laid out in plain sight by Altman, whose bizarre attempt to make his voice effeminate really sells the depravity.

This grown man indicated in the clip’s caption that he was paid to put on a red Mickey Mouse dress, a red bow and yellow high heels by the formerly kid-friendly company.

A cartoon Minnie Mouse is seen alongside Altman in his outfit.

@seannaltman #ad Minnie is ME! I fit right in with Mickey and his friends! @disneystyle #mickeyfriendsstaytrue #Disney100 #grwm #ootd #minniemouse #disneyoutfits #disneycosplay ♬ original sound – Seann Altman

Further evidence that this was a paid promotion came with the verified Disney Style account’s sharing of the clip:

@disneystyle a minnie moment 🫶 #mickeyfriendsstaytrue #disney100 #grwm #ootd #minniemouse #disneyoutfits #disneycosplay ♬ original sound – Disney Style

Altman has described himself as gay and “gender-fluid,” with his Instagram profile giving his pronouns as “he/him.”

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A look through his social media pages shows a confused young man who epitomizes everything wrong with a society that has lost its way.

This is the person Disney chose to promote its product when any number of young women with huge followings would have sufficed:


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A post shared by Seann Altman (@seannaltman)

There is no shortage of women across YouTube, TikTok and Instagram who dress up as Disney characters as a hobby.

Exactly why any adult would become obsessed with this stuff is confounding in its own right, but that is a separate issue altogether.

The point is, Disney went out of its way to have a man show young fans how to dress up as one of its most beloved female characters.

Have you stopped giving money to Disney?

This was intentional — and it comes in the wake of a similar deal with a similar person that destroyed the reputation of Bud Light.

Disney long ago earned the Bud Light treatment from conservatives for this kind of stuff, but for some reason, many of them can’t stop paying the soulless corporation to undermine their values.

The company has seen attendance at its Walt Disney World theme park drop this summer.

But given how twisted Disney has become and how open it is about that, the fact the park is still open is evidence that it hasn’t yet paid a real price for its celebration of perversion.

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