Dog Abandoned by Owner at Kill Shelter Because of Skull Tumor Gets Second Chance at Life


When 2-year-old Bliss was abandoned by her owners at a Texas kill shelter, her future wasn’t looking bright.

The young pup had developed a rare skull tumor called multilobular osteochondrosarcoma, and it was believed to be fatal.

Not long after her arrival, animal rescue group Friends of Emma Medical Rescue stepped in with the intention of providing hospice care for Bliss to make the end of her life as comfortable as possible.

They pulled her from the shelter and took her to the vet before getting settled at the rescue home.

But after numerous tests, Bliss’ life would change forever. Doctors discovered that while the tumor was quite large, it was not affecting the dog’s brain function, which meant it was treatable.

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Suddenly, Bliss could once again look forward to a long and happy life.

Elizabeth Hart, Bliss’ rescuer and founder of Friends of Emma, began researching how to help the dog. Eventually, she came across a veterinary cancer surgeon in Ontario, Canada, who could potentially help.

In order to remove the tumor, the surgeon will need to remove the majority of Bliss’ skull and a few facial bones, as they have been affected by the mass.

Bliss will then be fitted with a 3D-printed porous polyethylene implant to replace the removed bones.

As the surgeon works with the implant company to customize the dog’s implant, Bliss is now preparing for her journey to Canada.

Because Bliss can’t fly, she and rescuers will take on more than 70 hours of driving from Texas to Canada and back.

Their trip is expected to begin in early June, and if all goes according to plan, Bliss will return to Texas by the middle of the month and begin her search for a forever home.

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In the meantime, Friends of Emma has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover Bliss’ travel and medical expenses. So far, the fundraiser has made nearly $3,000, giving Bliss the hope of a future and a family.

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