Dog Flees from Crash, Heartbroken Little Girl Overjoyed When Rescuers Find Dog Safe


Lindsay Beery of Monterey and her 4-year-old daughter Olivia were driving to see family. While they were waiting on a freeway off-ramp to make a turn, a car barreled into them from behind.

The driver of the other vehicle claimed she didn’t see that the cars in front of her were stopped. She didn’t even try to brake.

While cops don’t believe that drugs or alcohol were involved, the woman’s distracted driving still took its toll.

Unfortunately, Olivia had somehow managed to get out of her carseat and had been climbing around in the back of the Honda CRV.

When the distracted driver plowed into them, she started a chain reaction that ended with Beery’s car being thrown into a ditch.

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In the beginning, Olivia was unresponsive. She sustained multiple injuries, including a punctured lung and broken ribs and teeth.

She was ultimately taken to Valley Children’s Hospital after a short stay at the Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo.

Olivia and her mother weren’t the only ones involved, though. Their dog, Sophie, a small Chihuahua mix fled the scene and was nowhere to be found after the accident.

As soon as the news about the missing dog was made public, people started looking for her. Residents near the crash site kept their eyes peeled and volunteers combed the area.

Olivia regained consciousness and was released from the hospital on Monday, but she’d been asking for her dog. Despite all the pain she was experiencing, the 4-year-old desperately wanted her pup back.

Good Samaritans who were moved by the little family’s plight banded together. Lost Dog posters were distributed and volunteers pitched in to bring back the girl’s beloved pet.

On Monday, a man off of Mustang Springs Road working out in his garage noticed a small black-and-brown dog wandering on his property. A short while later, the family was reunited with their dog.

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A kind veterinarian even offered to give Sophie a once-over to make sure she was in good health.

The family is quite happy to have their Sophie back, and no doubt she’ll help Olivia make a quicker recovery!

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