Dog Found Outside Animal Shelter in 7-Degree Weather Tied to a Bench


Cold weather can be brutal for anyone to spend extended periods of time in. Especially dogs.

While some may think dogs can handle more than humans, they are still sensitive to extreme weather.

Many dogs have recently been left outside in the cold, suffering. This has caused an uproar among many, as these are no conditions for an animal of any kind.

In Salem, Massachusetts, temperatures reached 7 degrees recently. And on the morning that the weather was that brutal, a dog was found alone and abandoned.

A small, 9-pound, black pup was found outside the Northeast Animal Shelter, tied up to a bench in that very 7-degree weather.

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The dog, believed to be a Peckingese or Chihuahau mix, was scared and shivering out in the cold.

Thankfully, about 45 minutes after being abandoned, she was found.

The shelter, however, posted photos of the incident online. The shelter says the woman in the surveillance photos looked inside and proceeded to tie the dog to the bench.

Another photo shared by the shelter shows an SUV driving away. The mystery woman drove off in that very vehicle, without the dog she had just inhumanely left in the cold.

“Maybe we’ll never know the name she has always known, what she has been through, or why you didn’t go to another door at our building to talk to someone instead of just leaving her tied up,” the shelter addressed to whomever abandoned the dog.

“… but she gobbled up a warm meal and is wrapped in blankets and getting warm,” they continued. “She’ll be save with us until she finds a new home with someone who will love her forever.”

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Since posting the statement, the post has gained over 8.6 thousand shares. Even more startling, a whopping 4,000 of those shared occured in just three hours.

The poor pooch, once abandoned, has found her temporary home in a warm shelter, where she will wait until she finds her place in the comfort of a true forever family.

While we may never know why someone abandoned the small, black dog, we do know that she deserves a family who will treat her with care and endless love. Until her adoption day arrives, she has the Northeast Animal Shelter to call home instead of the cold.

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Miranda Garibaldi is a former contributor for a Liftable Media property.
Miranda Garibaldi is a former contributor for a Liftable Media property.
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