Dog Jumps Off 20-Foot Overpass after Neighborhood Kids Let Him Out Yard, Still Alive


Rocky, a German shepherd mix, has been scared off from his Memphis, Tennessee, home more than once. His owner, Edras Aguilar, said the lovable pooch ran away earlier in January.

Around that time, he had gone missing for seven whole days. It’s believed that a few neighborhood kids let him out of the yard and have continued to bother the dog ever since.

According to one of Aguilar’s neighbors, those same kids were the reason why Rocky escaped again on Sunday, Jan. 28 while his family was at church.

Only this time, the dog almost lost his life.

Nearby resident Tonya Martin was on her way to do Sunday shopping when she noticed a crowd of cars all stopped on the Union bridge.

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Something below the bridge had the commuters’ attention.

So, she too pulled over to see what was going on. “A girl said a dog had just jumped over, and a guy that was there said, ‘He’s down on the ground,'” she told WREG-TV.

Come to find out, it was Rocky who had jumped off the 20-foot overpass. He was still alive but was panting hard from shock.

Martin didn’t know who the dog was at the time, but it was obvious that he was a domesticated pet.

With the help of a few other good Samaritans, she was able to rescue Rocky and rush him over to an emergency clinic.

Since he wasn’t wearing a collar, vets scanned for a microchip and fortunately found one. He was later reunited with Aguilar who had been driving around everywhere looking for his pup.

Rocky had sustained minor injuries, including a slight limp and broken toenail. Shockingly, he was doing perfectly fine after the fall.

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“I think that we’ve had so much rain that the ground is really soft over there,” Martin said. “I think that’s the only thing that saved him.”

There’s no clear explanation as to why Rocky jumped that day, but he must’ve had a guardian angel watching over him.

His story is proof that miracles do happen, and sometimes, they happen to dogs.

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