Dog Mauled in Face Left to Die by Owner, But Vet Sees Tail Move Before He's Put Down


They’re cute and cuddly and very loyal. They can nudge their cold noses under our hands for attention. Our pet dogs will protect and play and be a child’s best friend.

Many pet owners love their dogs and the loyalty that they feel is returned. But the reality is that there are just some people who should not be allowed to be pet owners.

Some dogs are put into abusive situations that threaten their lives. They have had negative experiences with humans, and desperately need someone to step in for them.

Lou was a dog living in one of these abusive homes. At just 2 years old, his early life was filled with trauma. Luckily, one woman came alone to give him the happy home he deserved.

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Lou was discovered in a home as a case of animal neglect. He was in bad shape, his face torn up and infected.

“He was mauled by his own father, and the owner did not bring him in they just left him,” said Kathy Martin, the woman who eventually took Lou in. It is a heartbreaking story, but unfortunately it’s not unique.

After Lou was attacked, the owners left the poor, injured dog outside where the wounds could not heal. But Lou was a fighter and refused to give up hope.

The dog was rushed to Dr. Carter, a local veterinarian. Lou was close to death and the doctor thought that he would have to be put to sleep just to end his suffering.

“He couldn’t move he was about dead when they brought him in,” said Carter. As Lou was placed on the examination table, his tail began to wag.

The soft-hearted vet was amazed at the grievously injured dog’s will to live. He was clearly in extreme pain, and yet here he was, wagging.

It took many surgeries to end the infection and to help Lou’s mauled face heal. He had a long stay at the Old Dominion Veterinary Clinic in Troutville.

Thanks to Cater’s generosity, Lou remained the happy, loving dog that he had always been despite the suffering he’d had to endure. He lost his nose and most of the front of his mouth, but he still had a life to live and joy to spread.

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During Lou’s stay at the hospital, he was noticed by Martin. When she heard his terrible story, she was moved. She went home and told her husband, Ben, and the two decided instantly to adopt him.

“I feel like he (Dr. Carter) rescued him, my husband and I just get to love him,” said Martin. She added what a special dog Lou was.

Though his face will forever carry the scars of abuse, his heart is loving. He may look a little scary, but his human parents love him very much, and affectionately say that he “has a wicked little face.”

Martin said that Lou is just like any other dog, loving and playful, barking with excitement and welcoming the attention of his new family.

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