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Dog Trapped in Hole for 3 Days Cries Tears of Joy When Rescuers Finally Free Him


He trotted through the dense woods in Vietnam, eagerly taking in the sights and smells of the mountainous terrain. He was alone, free to explore at will.

The rains had brought fresh life to the wooded area, filling the dog’s senses with excitement and wonder. Completely absorbed in the delicious freedom of the summer day, the brown-furred dog got distracted.

He found himself falling before he even realized what had happened. He scrambled to climb back up, claws pawing helplessly into the soft soil.

There was no escape. The pup had fallen into a man-sized hole, and there wasn’t a dog-gone thing he could do about it.

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Day turned to night, and night melted into day.

The pup circled the tiny hole time and time again, looking up to the sky in desperation.

He resulted to laying beside a large tree branch sharing the tight-knit space — at least it offered some kind of shelter, should it rain.

Fierce hunger was setting in now, and unrelenting thirst. The dog shivered next to the branch, trying to conserve energy by keeping still.

A second night arrived, leaving the pup no choice but to endure it alone. A third morning dawned, and the hope of a rescue was wearing thin.

Then, the pup sat up. He thought he’d heard something in the distance — chatter, perhaps — human voices.

He offered a hopeful bark, timid at first, and then louder, with more urgency as the voices drew near. He began to whimper with emotion as he realized that he did hear human voices, and the humans were walking his way.


Several faces peered down into the hole and looked upon him sympathetically. A woman called out to him, and he whimpered still.

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Then, the moment the pup had been desperately hoping for arrived: the woman climbed down a ladder into the hole to lift him out.

He was heavy in her arms, and there was barely space for the two of them, but she managed to lift him up.

As the pup waited, halfway out of the hole, a second pair of arms came down. The arms lifted the scared dog out of the hole and at long last, set him on free terrain.

The women spoke gently to the dog and tousled his fur in encouragement. He’d been trapped for three days, but at last, his mourning turned to joy.

He knew he was finally safe.

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