Dogs Beg to Be Let Out. Owner Sees Them Dart Toward Elderly Woman, Frozen to Ground


Lonnie and Susan Chester have two beautiful Labradoodles, a white one named Eva and a black one named Adam.

They believe their pups to be “exceptionally intelligent.” And just recently, they also proved how incredibly heroic they are.

Norvell Township, Michigan, has been dealing with plenty low-temperature days, but that hasn’t kept Adam and Eva indoors.

Just like any other house dogs, the pair likes to let their owners know when they want to go outside to play or use the bathroom.

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Yet, there was one snowy Saturday when the dogs started begging to be let outside at one of the oddest times.

It was 4:30 a.m. and Adam wouldn’t stop nudging and tugging on Lonnie to open the door.

As Lonnie went to open the door, he watched as both dogs squeezed past his legs and darted toward an elderly woman lying next to his truck. She was frozen to the ground wearing only a nightgown.

“She looked up at me and said, ‘I’m so cold,'” Lonnie recalled. “I have no idea how long she had been out there.”

He quickly scooped the 80-year-old woman up in his arms and took her inside. She was able to warm up under a blanket while Lonnie called 911.

He said first responders arrived on the scene fast. Soon after, the woman’s family also came to see if their loved one had been found.

They said they went out to look for her, but couldn’t see her lying in the dark with all the snow.

“It could have been a tragic outcome had Adam and Eva not woken us,”  Susan said.

She couldn’t figure out how her dogs knew something was wrong, but of course, animal instincts played a part in this rescue.

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And no matter how it happened, Susan and Lonnie were just happy that their canines “may have saved a life.”

The woman was taken to a doctor for treatment. It was certainly a flashback moment for Susan who went through a similar incident with her mom two months prior.

Only this time, Adam and Eva were there to save the day. If you were impressed by this heroic dog story just as much as the Chesters, make sure to share it with family and friends!

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