Don't Believe the Media: Video of Trump Rolling Into Town Shows How Much Americans Love Him


Sometimes being a conservative can feel like living on an island. It seems like everywhere you look, people on the right are being assaulted for supporting the president or being portrayed as bigots for not toeing the liberal line.

But once you step away from the talking heads on TV, a very different reality emerges. It turns out that conservatism is actually thriving in America, and the signs are all around.

There’s the fact that the majority of likely voters currently approve of President Donald Trump. He’s actually doing better than Barack Obama at the same time in their presidencies, according to one major polling group — and that’s after years of a mostly negative media onslaught.

It looks like many parts of the heartland are still Trump country, at least if an amazing video is any sign. On Wednesday, Trump shared a video on his official Twitter account which shows just how out-of-touch the naysayers in the media are.

The nearly one minute long video was taken from the presidential motorcade, and captured throngs of people lined up along the streets of a town as Trump rolled through.

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American flags, Trump banners, and custom signs voicing support for the president could be seen on both sides of the street as police escorted the commander-in-chief to his destination.

You’ll want to turn the sound on, too, to hear the cheering crowds that were audible even over the sound of police motorcycles and the motorcade.

Do you believe Trump has the support to win again in 2020?

“100% with you sir, God bless you sir,” one large hand-made sign declared.

Of course, Trump isn’t the first president to draw crowds as he traveled. What this video does show, however, is that there’s far more grassroots support for the 45th president than much of the media would have you believe.

This is the “flyover country” that so many establishment eggheads have never visited and certainly don’t understand. And that’s exactly why they didn’t see Trump’s win in 2016 coming, instead laughing and dismissing him as a joke right until the night of the election.

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That is also why the incumbent president will likely have strong momentum heading into the 2020 race for re-election. Call him Teflon Don: Nothing the left throws at Trump seems to stick, even with their best efforts to push a collusion narrative and rally for his impeachment falling flat.

Trump has shown a rare ability to connect with everyday Americans, even though he is far from having an ordinary life himself.

To the chagrin of his opponents, the president appears to understand the pulse of the country at some core level — and in return, his supporters are among the most fired-up of any in recent memory.

Unless something dramatic changes between now and next November, that enthusiasm could translate to yet another Trump victory. We still have a long road to the next election, but the so-called Trump Train definitely looks like it’s at full steam.

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Benjamin Arie is an independent journalist and writer. He has personally covered everything ranging from local crime to the U.S. president as a reporter in Michigan before focusing on national politics. Ben frequently travels to Latin America and has spent years living in Mexico.