'Why Don't We Murder More White People?' Film Aired at Tax-Payer Funded Museum in San Francisco


A short video titled “Why Don’t We Murder More White People?” recently aired as part of an exhibit at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts from July 23 until August 25, which, by my calculations, is exactly 33 days too long.

Jonathan Garcia, the video’s creator, insists on calling it a “film,” apparently because it has black-and-white scenes, somber music, lazy symbolism and pretentious garbage that only “woke” people pretend to understand.

The YBCA is also a publicly funded museum in San Francisco, and Garcia produced the film as a year-long fellow for the museum.

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Nobody associated with the event or the film seems to think that’s a bad thing, according to YBCA’s website.

Check it out for yourself. If you end up bald after tearing your hair out, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.


The first point that really jumped out was when one girl admitted she is angry at white people most of the time. She doesn’t say why, but you’ll come to realize that’s a common theme.

Another woman opines that white people aren’t murdered more often because they are “protected.” Well, of course. So are minorities, unless said minorities have run the police out of their communities.

It’s not that hard to understand, especially considering one of the interviewees’ parting thoughts was “F— the pigs,” which the interviewer described as “beautiful.”

There’s a lot of talk about “whiteness,” which I’m assuming is bad because they never really defined what “whiteness” is.

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Regardless, it’s incredibly racist to assert that the inherent characteristics of a certain race are bad. Imagine if any white person were to produce a video featuring exclusively white people talking about how evil “blackness” is.

He would be run out of town on a rail.

Nevertheless, these minorities are exercising their privilege to get away with being racist.

Moving on, it appears that “violence” is their best definition of “whiteness.” In fact, one woman said explicitly that “whiteness is violence.”

Okay, that’s at least something concrete that we can work with. Of course, the most prolific perpetrators of violence against minorities are other minorities, but I guess they blame white people for that as well.

One woman even has the audacity to claim that white people are born inherently evil. Yes, you read that right. Here’s her exact quote from the video.

“I think the insidious nature of whiteness begins at a very, very young age. And because of the historic tie that we have to white children as pure members of our society, we do not address the harm and the evil that they inherently bring to communities of color, to the school playground, to the classroom, to wherever they are,” she said.

It’s hard to understate how purely wicked this belief is. This goes so far beyond blaming a “racist society” (which also happens in the video), as it is explicitly telling white people that they are born morally inferior to other races.

This is how we got slavery and Jim Crow laws. This is how we got the Holocaust.

It’s not a stretch to assume that people who believe this can justify murdering white people.

Of course, to be fair, the incendiary title isn’t exactly a call to action, but that doesn’t excuse it. It’s framed more as a question of “why isn’t it happening?” as opposed to “we should do it,” although opinions are split whether or not white people deserve to be harmed.

Think about that. It’s a point of debate whether or not people should be harmed because of their race.

In conclusion, there seems to be an underlying theme of fear — that somehow, this shadowy organization of “white people” is trying (and succeeding) to kill or oppress minority communities. There aren’t any names or specifics, everything is generalized, which means it’s impossible to combat.

Honestly, that’s probably exactly what the left wants. They’re not interested in solving any problems. They just want to fight. They create this bogeyman of “white people” or “society” so that they have something to be enraged at.

It gives them a purpose. It gives them a reason to make explicitly racist videos and pat themselves on the back.

The rise of increasingly explicit leftism is actually somewhat bittersweet. While it’s terrible to see such evil become normalized, it has becoming almost annoyingly easy to see the left for what it truly is.

This video might as well be an in-kind contribution to Trump-Pence 2020, but we have to be careful not to let this ideology get out of hand.

Our society depends on it.

The Western Journal has reached out to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for comment but has not yet received a response. We will update this article if and when we do.

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Cade graduated Lyon College with a BA in Political Science in 2019, and has since acted as an assignment editor with The Western Journal. He is a Christian first, conservative second.
Cade graduated Lyon College with a BA in Political Science in 2019, and has since acted as an assignment editor with The Western Journal. He is a Christian first, conservative second.
BA Political Science, Lyon College (2019)