Drowning Cow's Aching Muscles Finally Give Up, But Farmers in Boat Pull Her Head out of Flood Waters


No matter where you live, there are bound to be natural disasters of one sort or another. If it’s not fires, it’s floods. If you don’t live in fear of earthquakes, you face hurricanes.

It comes with the territory. Most people know the particular tendencies of the place they’ve chosen to call home, but every once in a while some sort of storm or incident will blow through that no one could have prepared for.

When these unusual events tear through, it’s enough of a struggle to rescue the humans affected, let alone the animals. Many families pick up and run, sometimes without having time to get all their pets out, too.

There are those who are always prepared and would never leave behind their beloved dog or cat, but when you have multiple animals, getting to them all can be impossible.

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That’s often why farms and rescues are hit the hardest; there are just too many animals for a few people to save in time.

Fortunately, there are brave people who go in after a disaster for the sole purpose of rescuing those left behind. With all the floods Texas experiences, there are plenty of people who band together and use boats to get around and pick up stranded animals.

You’ve probably seen videos of rescuers picking up people, dogs, and cats stranded on rooftops, but what do you do with a cow?

There are plenty of cowboys who band together and move large combined herds to higher ground. This cow was alone, though, and out of time and energy.

When the men out on a boat found her, she was floating on her side, completely exhausted. No one could tell how long she’d been out there, but she was not far from slipping under the floodwaters.

“There you go, girl. Swim a little bit. Swim a little bit,” one of the men pleaded with her.

She tried, but she couldn’t keep herself up, so they made a makeshift halter out of rope, attached her to their boat so her head would stay above the water, and ferried her to shore.

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It took a while before they found any solid ground, but once they did, they coaxed her until she was lying in shallow water. Still unable to stand, the cow thrashed a little, and then rested with her head in the grass.

Once she’d taken a little break, one of the men patted her on the rump and said “Come on. Come on, girl … Get up! Let’s go! Get up!”

She crashed up onto the bank and fell to her side, but after a little more effort, she was up on all fours and took off into a field.

The Dodo reported that one of the men involved in the rescue (Curtis O’Brien) commented that the particular incident was the “Labor Day flood 2016. Brazos river. Rosenberg Texas. I’m the one in the blue life jacket with (a) black hat.”

This was probably just one of the rescues they made on that day, but thankfully there are courageous people out there like these guys who have strength and ingenuity and can respond in tough times.

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