Duchess Meghan Bakes Banana Bread for Family Using Secret Ingredients in Recipe

Most of us who enjoy cooking or baking have our tried-and-true, go-to, crowd-pleasing recipes that we can whip up by memory. People might know us for a particular dish or dessert, and we know that the fastest way to make an impression is through a person’s taste buds.

Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, must also know this, as she brought a special rendition of a classic to a recent lunch, and it has surprised people with its tastiness and unique ingredients.

By now we know that Markle has some culinary chops since Harry proposed during a dinner they made and she has been working on a cookbook project to help support victims from the Grenfell Tower fire.

She had a blog, too, that detailed her foodie adventures, but, now that she’s one of the royals, she can’t have social media accounts. A shame, since it looks like she’d have some great recipes to share.

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This particular loaf of banana bread was an unexpected sight at the picnic Harry and Meghan attended in New South Wales, Australia, last Wednesday. It was very much appreciated, both because it embodied Markle’s manners, care, and ability, and because it was just plain tasty.

Do you have any family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation?

Meghan and Harry were in New South Wales to hear about the drought that has caused many problems for the farmers there. When she found out the lunch would be held at someone’s house, she found a kitchen and whipped up some banana bread.

“We were so surprised but it was incredibly nice of her, she made it last night when she knew she was coming to a family home,” said Elaine Woody, who is a farmer along with her husband, according to the Daily Mail. Woody’s daughter went a step further.

“It was such a nice and thoughtful thing for her to do,” her daughter, Benita, said. “We are really touched.” She also declared the bread “delicious.”

“She said if you go to someone’s house you always bring something, so she did,” Benita continued. “She said she was worried about the bananas, that she’d put too many bananas in it. But the Duke said there’s never too many bananas.”

Bananas weren’t all she’d added. Extra ingredient number one? Chocolate chips. A safe addition that balances out the fruit and keeps chocolate lovers happy.

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But the other surprising ingredient? Ginger! It’s unclear what state the ginger was in, but several people who had the opportunity to sample the duchess’ homemade treat said they definitely noticed it, and it was good.

While the duchess hasn’t made the recipe public, there are several recipes online that suggest minced ginger (either fresh or crystallized) to spice up regular banana bread. Might be worth a try as we get into more baking-friendly seasons!

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