Duck Dynasty Star Opens Up about Emotional Death in the Family


Losing a grandparent is always painful, no matter how expected it is or how old they are. There’s nothing like the love a grandparent can give to their grandchild.

My mom, who is impatiently waiting to become a grandma, tells me all the time how excited she is to spoil my children rotten. While not all grandparents have the means to do this with gifts and money, that bond is no less strong and meaningful.

Missy Robertson, wife of Jase Robertson, from the television show “Duck Dynasty,” recently opened up about the loss of her grandfather, whom she calls Pops. He had been battling lymphoma at the tender age of 91.

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No amount of expectation or preparation will ease that pain, even knowing they have cancer and don’t have the strength to fight it anymore. Robertson’s grandmother, whom she calls GG, was taking care of Pops at their home through hospice care.

But as old folks are prone to, GG fell and fractured her pelvis. This was when Pops’s health was truly failing, and his time on this earth was coming to a close.

With GG in the hospital and rehab center, and Pops at home, the family knew they had to get them together one last time before Pops passed away.

They were doing everything they could, negotiating with doctors and administrators, and finally, they were able to arrange a four-hour leave for GG to come home for Thanksgiving and say her goodbyes to her husband.

But Pops had other plans. He made it “abundantly clear” that he didn’t want “his wife of 70 years, his sweetheart, the love of his life, to see him suffering.”

Some things just can’t be paraphrased, so please read this small excerpt from Robertson’s blog:

Each time he would wake up from a nap and in the morning over that last weekend, he would sigh in disappointment and say, “Oh, I thought…” or “Why is this taking so long?”  It wasn’t that he was in pain or that he didn’t know where he was.  His mind was as sharp as a tack!  He was ready to go home.  His real home.  He loved his Father and was completely sure of his future.  Yes, my 91-year-old grandpa has a future.”

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The morning of Thanksgiving, Pops was difficult to wake. The night before, doctors had given him about a week, but “he was a stubborn man,” and wouldn’t wait for Thanksgiving.

As I said earlier, somethings can’t be paraphrased, and shouldn’t be, either. Here is the most moving part of this entire story, in Robertson’s own words:

He didn’t seem conscious. Bonny and Tori were with GG and FaceTimed my mom’s phone. As soon as Pops heard GG’s voice, he opened his eyes—bright-eyed—but couldn’t speak. GG, in her wisdom, selflessness and confidence in her Savior, told my Pops, ‘I love you so much, Tom. It’s okay. I’m going to be fine. Go on. I’ll see you there.’

When the call ended, Pops took his three last breaths.”

I’m not crying, really. There’s just something in my eyes.

Normally, these are stories of people being strong and holding on to see their loved ones just once more, but this one is a sadder, but still beautiful, version of that.

A man loved his wife so much, and didn’t want her to see him suffering, for her last memory of him to be a painful one. He was so ready to meet Jesus that he was ready to go sooner than the family planned.

She’ll see him there.

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