During 'Goat Yoga' Class, They Turn and Realize Pregnant Goat Is in Labor


Goats and yoga. What more do you need?

Many people agree, which explains why “goat yoga” has become a popular item on bucket lists.

Lainey Morse and Heather Davis thought of the idea in 2016 when Davis was attending a children’s birthday party at Morse’s home. While watching the kids interact with Morse’s pet goats, Davis, a yoga instructor, thought, “Why not throw yoga into the mix?”

Since its beginning, the goat yoga trend has caught on like wildfire and hundreds of different companies offering goat yoga classes have popped up across the country.

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“I’m sure that everyone in the world thought that this was going to be done in five minutes, but it’s not. It keeps growing,” Morse said.

I mean, who wouldn’t want goat cuddles while doing yoga?

One company, Red Wagon Goats, based in the Atlanta-area had a fun surprise on May 20, 2018.

It was a Sunday morning and Megan Kibby was in the middle of teaching a class for a fundraising event in Suwanee, Georgia.

She knew that one of their goats, Tassi, was going to give birth soon so when the two-year-old, pregnant goat began walking in circles and stomping the ground she knew that it was time.

Kibby finished teaching the class but soon rushed to find her company co-owner, Jason Lewis. She asked him to move Tassi into the trailer, but as soon as Lewis wrapped his arms around the goat to relocate her, she began pushing.

“She’s having the baby right here,” he told Kibby.

They were able to move her under a tent, but it wasn’t long before Tassi gave birth to a female kid, Sue Anne.

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After all of the excitement, Lewis and Kibby thought the young goat was only giving birth to one baby.

They were soon proved wrong.

Lightning flashed across the sky and that’s when the second, unexpected kid made his appearance. He was rightfully named Storm.

This was actually the company’s second birth that weekend. Another goat, Emma Lou, also gave birth to two new kids on Kibby’s yoga mat. Emma Lou’s babies are named Orion and Flash.

Kibby said, “When one goat goes, they all go. It’s just sort of the hormones in the air. A lot of the time it’s around a full moon, but this time it wasn’t.”

The company now has 35 goats who participate in yoga classes as well as visit people’s yards to eat weeds. I’m sure the four new additions to the goat family will easily adjust to life as yoga companions.

Would you ever attend a goat yoga class?

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