A video of a golden retriever holding an egg in its mouth has sparked an online phenomenon that has dog lovers everywhere rolling over.

Carrie and Steven DuComb of Michigan came across a challenge on Facebook that claimed golden retrievers are capable of holding an uncooked egg in their mouths because their jaws are so gentle.

Carrie DuComb, who is a licensed veterinarian with over 20 years of experience, was skeptical of the claim, so she and her husband decided to test the theory out on their dog Sookie.

“I saw the challenge on Facebook and I thought, ‘My dog would kill this,'” Sookie’s owner said.

In the video below, Carrie can be seen giving the egg to 8-year-old Sookie.

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At first, the dog seemed a bit perplexed at her owner for putting an uncooked egg in her mouth. However, Sookie continued to hold the egg in her mouth until, after a bit of coaxing, she spit it out.

Miraculously, the egg didn’t have a single crack in it, upholding the theory of golden retrievers and their gentle jaws.

The video, which has amassed over 4 million views on Facebook since being posted, set off a social media frenzy of dogs holding eggs in their mouths.

Can your dog hold an egg in its mouth without breaking it?

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As reported by WNBC, the theory that golden retrievers have jaws so gentle they can hold an egg without breaking it actually comes from the breed’s origins.

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Before golden’s became the hallmark family dog, they were originally bred to accompany hunters and retrieve game shot on the hunt. Their “soft mouths” allowed the breed to carry the trophies in their mouths without causing any damage.

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