Elderly Lady Goes into Respiratory Arrest on Flight, 2 Men Work 45 Mins. to Save Life


It was a heroic start to a vacation for two doctors who were on a flight from Orlando, Florida, to Jamaica.

The plane had just taken off when an elderly woman drew their attention because she was having trouble breathing.

A nurse was onboard, but she was unable to assist the woman. Just as it looked like she wouldn’t make it, two doctors who were on the plane stepped forward.

Xenia Flanagan, the wife of one of the doctors, took a photo of the ordeal and posted it on Facebook. Once the internet saw what happened, the story went viral.

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Matthew Stevenson and John Flanagan, the two doctors, noticed how severe the woman’s symptoms were and told the other passengers to step aside.

“These two men used the oxygen tanks on board along with airbags to create the tools they needed to save her,” Xenia wrote in her post.

As they forced oxygen into the woman’s lungs for 45 minutes, they told the onboard staff that they had to make an emergency landing.

“It was both amazing and terrifying at the same time to witness my husband and his friend do something they do someone’s life,” Xenia wrote.

The other passengers did what they could as well. They held the two doctors down when the plane moved-in for a landing, making sure they kept the woman safe through the process.

“It was beautiful to witness so many good samaritans praying and holding them up during the entire ordeal,” Xenia’s post read.

“I’m so thankful God placed them there at the right time.”

As the post grew in popularity, the comments came piling in. Everyone was amazed and supportive of the two doctors’ quick work.

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“What a blessing you guys are to that woman and her family!! Amazing job!!!” one user wrote. “Inspiring and heroic in a world that needs more of this!!!”

“What a great example of God using people to do extraordinary things. Thank you for sharing this,” wrote another.

Xenia knows how lucky she is to have John as a husband, and said as much in her post.

She finished with a string of pictures, writing, “I know I can speak for Jessica Nauman Stevenson when I say how proud we are to be married to such great men.”

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