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Emaciated Dog Scheduled To Be Put Down Until Rescuers Save Him 2 Days Before Christmas


Most Christmases are full to the brim with activities and work and we don’t go out of our way to look for opportunities to put more on our plates.

We have our own families to look after, friends to check in on and events to go to. Taking on an ill animal is generally not something people go out looking for, but fortunately for a pup named Rudy, someone was willing to take him in just two days before Christmas in 2014.

When he got to the shelter he was in terribly rough shape. According to his YouTube video, “He had injuries consistent with severe beatings including a broken hip.”

“He had clearly been starved. He had severe eye and ear infections, worms, pneumonia, mange and skin infections. He could not be adopted out to the public so he was scheduled to die.”

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Houston Street Dogs, another rescue group, saw him and had to do something to help. He was scheduled to be put down in just a few hours when the rescue came swooping in to save him.

But that was only the beginning. Rudy would need consistent, round-the-clock care and supervision. He was very, very sick and needed a miracle.


He found it in the form of Kelly Williams, a volunteer with Houston Street Dogs. She took him in, loved and cared for him and helped him fight all the many maladies he had.

“This is Rudy,” the rescue posted early in January 2015 after Rudy had a chance to recover a little. “Yup, the same dog who only a few weeks ago was too sick and sad to lift his head.”

“He had curled up in his kennel and given up on life. But not on our watch! Thanks to his amazing medical foster, Kelly Williams, who took him to get antibiotics galore, xrays, eye drops, and has been feeding him only the best cuisine, Rudy can now open his eyes, walk on his injured hip, lift his head proudly, and even play like a normal dog. We are so thrilled to see him happy.”

Despite all the love and care, Rudy’s hip couldn’t heal itself, and he needed a $6,300 hip replacement surgery. Thankfully enough donations came in to give him the operation he needed.

After spending all this time with him and bonding, Williams had to keep him. While the initial hip replacement is still going strong, he recently had his other hip replaced.

“Rudy’s eyes say it all,” Williams wrote in a post from June this year. “This little guy has been through so much since he was pulled off doggy death row with hours to spare. You name it, he’s had it… from heartworm, pneumonia, eye and ear infections and injured bones.”

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“He had his hip replaced a few years back and now the old hip can’t keep up with the new one sooooooo of course he’s getting yet another super sonic bionic hip. He needs your positive tail wags dog rescue peeps to wish him good luck and a speedy recovery. He’s feeling a little scared.”

Based on recent photos and videos, Rudy’s still doing well and is sleek and shiny, happy and healthy in his forever home and a far cry from the mangy skeleton of a dog that he came in as.

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