Employees Start Screaming for Help, Customer Not Breathing. Teen Immediately Jumps In


It was just another Saturday at work for Corey Brennan. The 18-year-old was working his shift at the Regal Cinema in Tomaball, Texas — going through the motions of a typical day.

He was working the box office, taking the money and handing out tickets. “It was slower than usual but very chaotic,” Brennan said.

Suddenly, Brennan heard one of his coworkers start yelling, and his ears perked up.

“I heard one of the employees start screaming we need to call 911. He’s not responding,” he recalled.

One of the customers in the restaurant area wasn’t breathing. The family was panicking and nobody knew what to do.

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Fortunately, Brennan — a junior firefighter with the Tomball Fire Department — did know what to do.

He jumped into action and administered CPR to the unconscious man.

“Started chest compressions and by that time EMS was called and they were on the way,” Brennan described — just like a trained professional would.
Before long, the man started breathing again and regained consciousness.
You never know when CPR might need to be administered,” Brennan joked while talking to KPRC2 after the ordeal. Joking aside — Brennan knows that preparation is key, and he’s preparing for his future as well.

“I’m looking into going into EMT/Firefighting after I get out of high school,” Brennan said.

“I’m a junior firefighter with Tomball fire department, and I’m also an athletic trainer for Tomball High School, as well.”

EMS eventually arrived and took the man to the hospital for further treatment. Without Brennan’s intervention, though, the man might not still be here.

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Brennan never got the name of the man he saved — he was simply doing the right thing. Still, he hopes he’ll come back so Brennan can shake the man’s hand.

“Come visit, please,” Brennan said as an open invitation.

If Brennan’s plans stay the same, he may have a prolific career of saving lives ahead of him.

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