English Teacher Holds Class on Snow Day in Her Cat Pajamas


Some kids just can’t get enough learning. While other kids were frolicking in the snow during the long weekend, the students in Ms. Brown’s honors English class were treated to an impromptu lesson via Facebook live.

A snowstorm had put the kids on “snow break” since Tuesday, Jan. 16, and they were having quite the long weekend because of it.

Well, some students would rather have been in school than enjoying their time off.

“A couple of kids had sent a message saying they were trying to do their work while the break was still on. and that they were confused about some of the questions,” teacher Candous Brown said. “And they requested a lesson live over Facebook.”

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So, Brown put on her nicest cat pajamas and gave the students a lesson. She was a bit nervous at first, but soon settled in and gave her lecture to the class of 40 viewers.

“I’m not about to play this game about not having a pencil and you better have your book,” Ms. Brown told the class.

There certainly weren’t any excuses to be made, and students could even take her with them on bathroom breaks.

Brown’s students are reading “Guns, Germs and Steel” by Jared Diamond for their honors English class. They wanted to ask her some questions about the specifics of the text.

“The text-dependent actually help them progress through the test to make sure they understand any probing questions they may have about the text I can go ahead and clarify them,” Brown said.

The lecture was a success and lasted 55 minutes, just like a normal period.

Although none of this would be possible without Facebook live, it was the kids’ ambitions to learn that sparked this lesson.

Most students out there probably wouldn’t trade a day off for a better grade — I know I wouldn’t have.

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Brown isn’t taking her student’s efforts for granted, either. She knows it takes a special kind of drive to want to listen to a lecture when you could have free time.

“For them to actually have the drive and determination the will to actually want to do this outside of school?” Brown remarked. “I’m proud of them I’ll say that I’m very proud of them.”

The next time your child comes home with an excuse as to why they couldn’t get a better grade, show them Ms. Brown’s English class.

These kids would rather ask their teacher informed questions than spend their free time relaxing!

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