Eric Holder Turns on Dems, His Interview About the Border Sounds Like GOP or Even Trump


There’s no question Eric Holder deserved massive criticism for many of his actions during the Obama administration.

But for all his faults, Holder isn’t an idiot when it comes to politics, and he’s trying to signal to a myopic Democratic Party that its presidential field is on the wrong track on borders and immigration.

On CNN’s “The Axe Files” with host David Axelrod on Saturday, Holder told the former senior adviser to President Barack Obama that “Democrats have to understand that we do have to have — borders do mean something.”

In response to Axelrod’s next question about whether decriminalizing border crossings would be a good idea for the Department of Justice, Holder said, “I don’t think that’s right. The law that is on the books has been there for about a hundred years now or so.”

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It’s doubtful Holder’s comments spring from a font of respect for the rule of law in his heart of hearts.

What’s more likely is that the former Obama attorney general is trying to warn his fellow Democrats that if they keep up their radical rhetoric on the border, they can kiss the 2020 election goodbye.

And he’s not wrong, at least during this section of the interview.

From everyday Americans to liberal intellectual atheists like Sam Harris, people understand that borders have to mean something.

Even a majority of those who voted for Hillary Clinton want more border security (as long as that evil wall isn’t included).

Holder is trying to alert the Democratic presidential nominees that they are on a collision course with doom if they continue down the path of “civil penalty only.”

Holder’s comments, however, will likely fall on deaf ears for a couple of reasons.

First, the powers that be in the Democratic Party have doubled down on leftism as the future of the party and know that injecting millions of friendly voters into the U.S. can help advance their cause.

The most “moderate” Democratic candidates were all culled from the last debate. The closest thing to a traditional Democrat left standing is Joe Biden, who can’t seem to go a week without a brutal gaffe. And he’s public enemy number one to the extremists on stage next to him.

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The Democrats want and need votes from Hispanic enclaves, and they think more open borders will get those votes.

Do you think any Democratic presidential candidates will heed Holder's warning?

Second, the Democrats have completely abandoned what used to be their base: working-class Americans. The trope has long been that the Democratic Party is the party of the working man. No longer.

Instead of defending working people (which was always a gimmick anyway), today’s Democratic Party wants to destroy working-class jobs.

Remember, it was Obama who said that manufacturing jobs were never coming back. It was Trump who began bringing them back almost as if by magic. (As it turns out, all those workers needed was a president who understood business and cared.)

It was Hillary who, in a truly inexplicable moment, told coal miners that she was going to put a lot them out of business.

The Democratic Party’s leadership has abandoned everyday Americans — the ones whose schools absorb illegal immigrant teenagers, whose neighborhoods are being taken over by illegal immigrants’ gang wars and whose jobs are being jeopardized by illegal workers.

Holder is trying to tell the Democratic Party that it’s headed for a brutal defeat if it keeps up its dangerous border game. And for once, he’s actually right.

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