What Evil Male Nurse Did to Female Patients Could've Ended With 1 Background Check


Going to the hospital, whether for an emergency or a procedure, can be a terrifying thing for many people. But nearly all expect hospital staff to treat them with care and kindness and feel relative safety in their midst.

That sense of safety never happened with 10 different patients who allegedly came in contact with Thomas Moore, a nurse in Adams County, Colorado, who has been charged with molesting the women.

The crimes were also committed during his time working in numerous other states, from Alaska to Wyoming. Reports show that Moore abused his power as an ER nurse in order to molest patients while they were heavily sedated or medicated.

On Tuesday, a judge sentenced Moore to a well-deserved 12-year prison sentence for his crimes in Colorado, with even more charges coming up for his time in Wyoming.

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However, the state of Colorado is also taking a heavy blow for allowing him to work without a background check.

As reported by Rare News, though the law has recently changed, Colorado had been one of five states to not require nurses to go through background checks — something that could have caught this abuser long before he hurt other patients.

“If Thomas Moore would have been investigated or properly been looked into, he wouldn’t have been hired anywhere else,” said one of Moore’s victims, whose identity has been protected. “He would have lost his license a long time ago.”

“I vaguely remembered him climbing into bed with me and laying there and massaging my breasts,” she said, adding that she had been given powerful narcotics from him in the moments prior.

That was Moore’s common plan: heavily medicate his patient, seclude her, and assault her. From March 2014 to April 2015, prosecutors said that Moore fondled five different female patients at a UCHealth emergency room.

The five patients eventually came forward and he was arrested in Fort Collins by December 2015, though he had already groped another three women there as well.

Two women even told investigators that Moore had sent them Facebook “friend requests” after they’d left the emergency room. One woman recalls Moore saying, “I’ll find you, sweetie.”

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Senior Deputy District Attorney Chris Rossi noted that Moore had a habit of targeting these women, who were alone and heavily sedated, as they were unable to react.

“He used his position as an ER nurse and took advantage of these vulnerable victims,” Rossi stated.

All of this could have been avoided had Moore been properly checked, as records indicate he’d been arrested for a DUI and had also been convicted of child abuse in 2011.

His nursing license had been suspended in Alaska in 2014, yet Colorado hadn’t forced him to surrender his license until 2016, after so much damage had already been done.

Fortunately, Moore will have to register as a sex offender, and he is still set to face a trial in Larimer County in June.

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