Ex-Dem. Leader and Party Fostered Culture of Booze and Sex Talk - Lawsuit


Democrats have tried to use the “MeToo” movement as a battering ram against conservatives, with Judge Brett Kavanaugh the most relevant recent example.

But while now-Justice Kavanaugh was vindicated, it looks like liberals may now be suffering from “friendly fire,” as it were. One of the latest scandals involving claims of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior is happening within the California Democratic Party.

According to Fox News, a joint lawsuit has been filed against the liberal party and its previous chairman, Eric Bauman.

“The suit filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court describes an atmosphere of workplace drinking, inappropriate comments and retaliation by top officials against those who reported allegations of harassment,” that outlet reported.

Democrats claim to stand for tolerance and acceptance of alternative lifestyles, but if the allegations are accurate, the Democrat party’s own chairman did the complete opposite.

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“Among the allegations against Bauman, the suit claims he asked (Will) Rodriguez-Kennedy – who is president of the California Young Democrats — about his boyfriend and openly speculated about their sex life, and engaged in unwanted touching,” Fox explained.

Rodriguez-Kennedy, who is in his early 30s and gay, is one of three people who filed the lawsuit against the former Democrat chairman. The others are Kate Earley and Alton Wang. They began working for the party less than six months ago, focusing on voter outreach.

“I do not know how I can champion these causes if I do not oppose sexual harassment directed at me and other young members in my own party,” Rodriguez-Kennedy told The Los Angeles Times.

One of the other plaintiffs in the lawsuit, Alton Wang, echoed that sentiment and suggested that inappropriate behavior was widespread within the party.

Do you think fellow Democrats knew about this behavior and looked the other way?

“This behavior is not new. Harassment and abuse of power were tolerated in our Party for such a long time because so many were complicit,” he said in a statement.

“As many as 10 party staff members have said Bauman made sexual comments and engaged in unwanted physical contact with them,” Fox reported.

Additional claims named in the lawsuit include an atmosphere of heavy drinking — with some of it allegedly beginning early in the morning — that left young staffers feeling like they were stuck in an abusive frat party instead of a serious and respectful work environment.

Bauman resigned in November, but the young people he once supervised have clearly not let the issue drop. For his part, the former chairman had no comment and his lawyer offered only a boilerplate rebuttal to The Times.

“Mr. Bauman has not been served with any lawsuit and has no further comment at this time,” attorney Neal Zaslavsky told the newspaper.

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While more facts need to come out and Bauman, like anyone, deserves his fair shake in court, there’s no denying that this lawsuit is a huge egg in the face of Democrats in the state which current speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi represents.

If this kind of behavior was indeed going on for some time while Democrats looked the other way, both state and national officials have a lot of explaining to do. It would be a lot easier to take the largely liberal “MeToo” crowd seriously if places like California didn’t seem to be cesspools of leftist hypocrisy.

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