Ex-Democrat Issues Fantastic Dare to Other Democrats Pushing Open Borders


Sometimes, the best way to look at a political topic is to treat it like a household issue.

After all, it can be hard to wrap your head around a nation that spans an entire continent and is filled with 300 million people. Once you think about what you would do if it were your own home, however, everything becomes much more clear.

Take the national debt. It’s almost impossible for people to visualize a million dollars, let alone a trillion — but when you think about government spending as a household budget and you realize how much debt we’re racking up, the numbers become much more real.

A former Democrat who left that party behind is doing the same thing with immigration issues. In order to help liberals understand why conservatives are concerned about open borders, Twitter user Dave Alvord just issued a brilliant “dare” to Democrats.
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Alvord, who according to his profile “spent 25 years as Democrat,” challenged liberals to treat their own home like a border state.

“Open borders begin at home,” declared a meme shared by the social media commentator. “Leave your door open to show commitment for open borders.”

In the associated Twitter comment, the ex-Democrat pointed out exactly why President Trump’s immigration stance resonated with so many voters and helped him come from behind to win in 2016.

“Trump’s common-sense policy putting #AmericaFirst appeals to Normal Americans for the simple reason that it corresponds to the proper purpose of the United States government – to protect and benefit Normal Americans,” he stated.

Do you support stronger U.S. border enforcement?

It’s a strong point. How many people who oppose border enforcement and want to abolish ICE go home every night, secure behind four solid walls — how racist! — and securely-locked doors?

The analogy is clear: It’s simply common sense to lock your doors and verify who is entering your home before you let strangers in. This isn’t hateful or bigoted, it’s an acknowledgment of reality.

You can care about your neighbors while also limiting who gets free reign of your own house. Being compassionate doesn’t mean taking the locks off your front door and giving every person unlimited access to your family, your bedroom, your refrigerator, and your wallet, all with no questions asked.

The fact that so many liberals — including Hollywood and Washington elitists — live in gated communities protected by security cameras demonstrates just how genius this “open borders dare” truly is.

Countless leftists have already shown themselves to be hypocrites, by hiding behind the same walls that they claim are racist.

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People ranging from Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg to Mexico’s newly-elected president have put up walls around their own property, while strongly criticizing U.S. immigration and border enforcement policies.

Perhaps it’s time to hold elitists to their own standards. Two-facedness never looks good, and it’s beginning to finally be exposed.

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