Ex-Trump Adviser to Lib: Print My Statement, Then Shove It up Your...


A former adviser to President Donald Trump and current spokesman for former U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm, Michael Caputo of New York lashed out at a reporter Friday, reportedly telling him exactly where he could put Caputo’s statement.

Grimm is in the crosshairs of the liberal media not only because of his Republican position, but also his shady background.

According to The Daily Caller, Grimm served time in prison for tax fraud, and until recently owed lobbying firm Square Patton Boggs more than $400,000 after leaving the House of Representatives in 2014.

The lobbying firm reportedly settled for a much, much lower sum of $25,000 last September.

Grimm is now running against Democrat Rep. Daniel Donovan for his old seat in Congress, representing part of Staten Island, according to silive.

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Caputo claims that in the settlement with the lobbying firm there were no favors given or sinister activity, and that the settlement would be revealed in the next campaign disclosure report.

When pressed for more details than he was willing to give at the moment, Caputo lost his cool.

“Please print out my statement, roll it into a little ball, and shove it up your tight, liberal a–, Greg,” he told a reporter by email, according to the notoriously liberal New York Daily News.

“Reporters like you are why Donald Trump won.”

Will Grimm win his election?

Now, there’s no question that Caputo and Grimm have got some issues in their current political situation. Tax fraud is no small thing, and to back a candidate who served time in prison for it is hardly praiseworthy.

The language is hardly productive, either. Though to be fair, Caputo did use dashes instead of writing out the whole crude word.

However, even in the face of some explicit imagery and language, there’s a lesson that we can take from the incident.

Mainstream media has for years upon years now insisted on their entitlement to walk all over anyone and anything they feel the need to walk all over.

As President Donald Trump showed with his stunning 2016 electoral victory, we really don’t need to take that from them.

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And every once in a while, people have had so much they have to hit back.

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