Fact Check: Did Migrants Hide Ultra Violent, Bestiality Videos on Phones?


A bizarre media “fact check” regarding a video of a sex act between an unidentified man and a livestock animal, reportedly found on a Middle Eastern migrant’s phone, shows that the fact-checking industry is politically motivated — and not just in the U.S.

In fact, a Polish news agency which dedicated the majority of a fact check to attempting to portray the country’s conservative government as being xenophobic actually shows that leaders in that country are correct to guard their borders closely.

According to Reuters, migrants are attempting to enter Poland from places such as Afghanistan and Iraq through neighboring Belarus amid a humanitarian crisis on that border. Currently, there are untold migrants attempting to enter the country through a closed border, and being that Poland is run by rational people with instincts of self-preservation, the country’s leaders are not in a big hurry to let just anyone in.

They’re currently resisting an international campaign from the European Union and elements from the country’s liberal media with regard to allowing in unvetted migrants whom they know nothing about. Two Polish government officials held a news conference this week to not only address the criticism of the country’s stringent border laws, but also to expose exactly who is attempting to cross the border.

Poland’s Interior Minister Mariusz Kamiński and the country’s Minister of Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, held a joint news conference this week to present evidence of what they said they’re finding just on the mobile phones of migrants attempting to enter the country.

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According to the Polish officials, an estimated 10 percent of Middle Eastern migrants stuck at the border have been found to have potential connections to Islamic terrorism and crime, including human trafficking, the U.K.’s Independent reported. Some of the migrants are also allegedly carrying images on cellphones that would make any sane person shudder.

“Photos alleged to have been found on migrants’ phones showed secret meetings of terror cells, dead bodies, executions by beheading, and images of machine guns,” the outlet reported.

Another alarming image reportedly taken from an immigrant’s mobile phone was of a man who was inserting his genitalia into what the Polish authorities said was a cow.

A Polish news outlet decided to hold the officials to account. What followed was quite possibly the most bizarre fact check of all time.

Do you think the establishment media will ever regain its credibility?

An outlet called decided to set the record straight on the claim that a migrant was seen on video engaging in an unnatural act with a cow. The outlet let it be known that not only was the image outdated, supposedly taken from footage recorded on a VHS tape, but that the cow in question was actually a horse.

“‘Kaminski’s Cow’ is an old recording from the Internet. And she’s a mare,” the outlet’s Dominika Sitnicka noted. She went on to attack government leaders for failing to understand the distinction between the two animals.

“Kamiński and Błaszczak boasted that they had found evidence that there were zoophiles among the refugees. ‘He raped a cow, wanted to get to Poland?'” she reported. “But the ‘picture’ the ministers showed was in fact a screen from an old video available on the internet.”

The reporter then essentially accused Polish government officials of Islamophobia, and for failing to be experts at identifying large animals.

“And the projector next to them showed a picture of a man copulating with an animal. The ministers’ actions crossed new borders — so far, state officials have not shown this type of material in public,” Sitnicka wrote. “The problem was not only the obscenity of the photo, but the intention behind its publication. It is difficult not to notice a reference to the racist stereotype that Arabs coexist with animals. In the eyes of the public, this is supposed to degrade and dehumanize refugees.”

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Lost in the madness of all this left-wing “fact check” media nonsense is that people who are attempting to call Poland home are reportedly carrying with them images of child sex abuse, terrorism and digital images of brutal murders. addressed these other horrific images briefly in the last few paragraphs of its fact check, citing one individual who used every possible excuse in the book to explain away why these images might (or might not) be on a migrant’s phone.

“Just because someone has a photo of an Iraqi execution does not mean they were involved in the execution,” former head of the Polish Foreign Intelligence Agency Grzegorz Małecki told in an interview. “He could, for example, be a witness to her. It also doesn’t mean that he was the author of the photo. He could just download them from the internet. It would be a strange behavior, but not a crime.”

Somehow the possibility of a migrant being a witness to a beheading and videoing it, or choosing to download said video to watch in his own time, is not comforting.

Brushing past much of the violent content which has reportedly been found on the devices of some of these people, only to briefly throw a bone to it at the very end of the “fact check,” the media outlet largely focused on an image of a man engaged in bestiality — which itself should be disqualifying with regard to immigration criteria.

Apparently, the people at felt they were dunking on government officials by pointing out that it was not at all a cow being violated, but in fact a horse.

How absurd.

Globalist “fact-checkers” have stooped so low in Poland that now the subject of their investigations, and the direction of their outrage, is not that someone wishing to enter Poland is allegedly excited by the rape of an animal, but that the government failed to properly identify which kind of animal was violated.

The potential for extremism be damned. stayed away from the fact that some people who want to call themselves Poles seem to be enthralled with images of murder, child sex abuse and beheadings. They focused in on the really depraved — ignoring that overall, many of these people just might not fit in with people in a place such as Krakow.

The sad part about all of this, with what we know here in the U.S. about “fact-checking,” is that Sitnicka’s article isn’t the least bit surprising.

Poland right now is facing pressure externally and internally to fold and allow people with potentially bad intentions to call its lands home. Poland is deciding in favor of self-preservation. Poland wants to save its culture and its precious sovereignty.

Leaders there, who run a country that was the epicenter for outside violence throughout the 20th Century, are protecting their people and way of life. Presumably, Kamiński and Błaszczak don’t want their country overrun by depraved and potentially violent Islamist extremists any more than their ancestors wanted German military divisions in Warsaw throughout the 1940s, and later, Soviet troops.

Not a lot of what the Polish government said at its news briefing this week painted a positive picture of the migrants which global leftists want them to accept. These are people who, per government officials, wanted to bring Poland vile imagery — sex with animals included — into the country.

With no real rebuttal with regard to the facts about mass Islamic immigration, and the violence that might come from it, the country’s liberal media stooped to a facts-first approach to migrant beastiality.

Keep in mind, a large number of people currently being resettled in the U.S. are coming from the same areas as those whose phones have Polish officials on high alert.

The only difference is, Poland’s leaders are actually vetting people before they send them into quiet communities.

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