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Family Records Hilarious Moment Toddler Is Not Amused After Meeting Newborn Sibling


Pregnancy announcements and gender reveals are more popular than ever, with unique and creative announcements nearly being a form of social currency. There’s so much pressure to reveal the long-awaited news in an exciting fashion that sometimes it leads people to use less-than-sensible methods.

For many people, a box of colored balloons or a blue or pink cake hiding under neutral frosting isn’t enough anymore.

According to the Washington Post, one man who wanted an extraordinary reveal used Tannerite to tell the world his future child’s gender — and the world got an $8 million fire, along with the joyous news that the baby would be a boy.

But all these histrionics are geared to one-up the Joneses, to impress strangers online or to wow family and friends. But you know who doesn’t really care about this sort of creativity?

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Siblings. Kids are very practical and know exactly what they would like out of an announcement.

Do they care if their new sibling is going to be a boy or a girl? Well, some certainly do, and there’s a wide variety of videos featuring very disappointed post-reveal kids, but there are others who would prefer something much more immediate.

Like this little boy. He knows what he wants, and it’s not a brother or a sister. He wants more pizza rolls.

And this young man is certainly not impressed with his mother’s decision to add another baby to the family, arguing that two is enough and warning his mother she’ll have to buy him earplugs.

Whether or not his mom knew she was about to get a soliloquy from her eldest, this young man certainly impresses with his reasoning and grasp of language. Most adults rarely use the term “exasperating,” and yet this boy uses it perfectly to explain just how he’s feeling about his mom’s pregnancy.

“This is exasperating!”

His feelings on the subject are no mystery, as he takes listeners on a journey explaining just how horrible having a new baby around will be — but there’s another way of dealing with an unwelcome reality.

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Silence. Silence is generally golden when it applies to adults, and suspicious when it applies to children. For this tot, it’s downright ominous.

She seems to grasp what the striped bundle is, and she puts her arms out correctly to accept her baby brother, but that stink face is one of the most savage available on video. She has the look of the disoriented nap grumpies about her, but whatever the case, she is supremely unimpressed with the blessed new arrival.

The adults suggest that she give her new brother a kiss, but she just stares at them and even flinches away and scowls when they point to her brother’s forehead for her to smooch.

If these two are like many kiddos, it’s only a matter of time before they’re arguing over toys, singing Disney songs and becoming the closest of frenemies. Buckle up, little ones, it’s only the beginning!

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