Fans Visiting Hulk Hogan Wax Figure at Museum Have 0 Clue They're about to Be Pranked


Wax museums always provide a fun time. You can go and take pictures with celebrities you’d never get to meet in person.

Some of the figures are more realistic than others, which some visitors to Madame Tussauds in Orlando, Florida found out firsthand.

They bought tickets to see the new Hulk Hogan figurine and were blown away by how realistic it looked.

As they got closer, the figure jumped to life and scared the pants off of the unsuspecting customers. The Hulkster was there in person to surprise his fans!

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Madame Tussauds and Hogan made a video from the day’s pranks, which involved a lot of gasps and shrieks as Hogan burst to life in front of viewers’ eyes.

He sat unassumingly in a chair, positioned as if he were striking a seated pose. Curious museum-goers would inch forward commenting on how lifelike he seemed.

One second they were looking at a wax figure, the next they were retreating in shock over the real-life wrestling legend.

Hogan was nice enough to stick around to take some photos with the poor people he scared. The video picked up some steam when posted to YouTube, and is already at almost 100,000 views.

One of the patrons even started to talk about a fun fact as it related to the Hulkster. She claimed he was the governor of a state, but her husband said she was mistaken.

When he couldn’t come up with the name of the wrestler she was thinking of, Hulk Hogan burst in with the answer.

“That was that jabroni Jesse Ventura!” he said as the couple jumped back in shock.

“All these other wax figures are gonna faint when they see my wax figure,” Hogan joked at the beginning of the video.

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Hogan seemed to enjoy his time scaring fans as much as they did meeting him. One of the men nearly jumped out of his shoes when the 64-year-old moved toward him.

It’s always great to see a celebrity surprise their fans like this. It’s not always the nicest thing to do — at least in the first few moments of terror — but it makes for fantastic theater.

Now, whenever you see a Hulk Hogan statue, be prepared for it to move.

Make sure you’re not talking trash about his wrestling ability, or he may give you a front row ticket to the famous leg drop finisher.

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