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Father and Daughter Recreate Famous Dinner Scene from 'Beetlejuice' - Video


Stay-at-home orders have done some interesting things to people. Even many of those working full-time from home have eliminated their daily commutes and limited their social outings, giving them more time to pursue whatever it is that catches their fancy.

For some, it’s blocking doorways with higher and higher rows of toilet paper to see if their cat can clear it. For others, it’s holding video chat happy hours with their likewise quarantined friends.

For Gelsey Laurie and her dad, Jack, it’s sheltering in place and crafting recognizable reproductions of film favorites. From “Mary Poppins” to “Beetlejuice,” this dynamic duo has been delighting fans near and far with their shenanigans.

On April 13, Laurie posted a video of her and her father single-handedly recreating the iconic dinner scene from “Beetlejuice.”

“A father daughter quarantine dinner……” she wrote.

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The hair, makeup and outfits were very well-done, and it’s clear that the two had fun meticulously putting together the scene.

The video has been viewed more than 468,000 times on Facebook and over 24,000 times on YouTube.

“Almost criminal this hasnt exploded onto the front page instead of the umpteenth shopping/makeup/product video,” one viewer wrote on YouTube. “Some real, top notch, old-school youtube here.”

“Absolutely loved this, oh my its so spot on!!!” wrote another. “This made me so happy to see, thank you both!!”

“My dad and I doing some spring cleaning in quarantine…..” Laurie posted on Tuesday, along with an incredibly creative rendition of another classic, “Mary Poppins.”

The strings used to open doors and drawers are charmingly obvious, and the fake quail that stands in for the robin looks just about as lifelike as the original.

All of this work has resulted in an adoring fan base, and the dedication makes more sense when you know that Laurie is a stunt double based in Los Angeles.

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While her most recent work has been done with her good-natured dad, she’s also performed with Cirque du Soleil. But it’s these light-hearted quarantine videos that have gotten the most YouTube love.

There are several more videos featuring quarantine shorts on her YouTube page that are sure to bring a smile to your face and put a song in your heart. She’s certainly used her time productively!

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