Father Dies Hero After Saving Daughter's Life While Vacationing in Hawaii


Vacations are supposed to be some of the best memories your family makes together. Sadly, for a 15-year-old girl from Montana, that was not the case.

She and her family were vacationing in Hawaii when the unthinkable happened and disaster struck.

During a beautiful day at the Olivine Pools in Maui, the teen was admiring the ocean. The next thing she knew, she was fighting for her life in the sea.

A giant wave had unexpectedly crashed against the shore and swept her away. The crashing water was more than she could bear and one thing was clear — if help didn’t come soon, she was going to drown.

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That’s when her 46-year-old father threw himself into the water after her.

He pushed and he shoved and finally managed to get his little girl back up on to the rocks.

By this time, beach-goers had become aware of what was going on in the water and began banding together.

They used towels as a makeshift rope and fished her from the waves.

Finally, she was pulled to safety.

However, when they looked back, all they saw was the 46-year-old man floating face down in the water.

By the time they got to him, it was too late. He had drowned.

Paramedics arrived soon after and attempted to do all that they could to revive him but had no success.

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His daughter’s injuries were not serious and she was released to the family members at the scene.

Maui police have recently identified the man as Brian Lazorishak. He lost his life during what should have been one of the best days of his life, but he died a hero.

He died saving his little girl. She gets to go on to finish high school, college and have a family of her own. She gets to live her life because her daddy risked and lost his own.

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