Fearless Mother Holds Intruder at Gunpoint After Daughter Sees Strange Man in Garage


Bears may look cute and cuddly, but anyone with half a brain knows that you give them their space so they leave you alone. Bears by themselves are scary enough, but even more terrifying is a baby bear — because you know mama bear must be close.

And mama bear will end you. There’s a reason we use the term “mama bear” to describe women who will go to any lengths to protect their children.

Brittany Morse, a mom from California, is a great example. She was at home when her daughter opened the garage door, saw a strange man, slammed the door shut and ran to her mom.

“When my daughter told me there was someone in our house that was not allowed to be here, I am looking at all of my kids and I’m telling them to go down the hallway … ‘Go, go,'” she told Inside Edition.

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Fortunately, she knew what to do to protect her children and was able to maintain her composure. She told them all to go to a room and shut the door.

She went to her bedroom, where she had a gun properly and safely stored. She quickly readied her weapon and advanced toward the garage door, her phone cradled between her ear and shoulder.

“Hi, I need an officer at my house,” she quickly informed the dispatcher. “Someone just broke in. He’s still in my garage. I have him at gunpoint.”

She had the gun trained on the man, and reportedly told him “If you move, I will shoot you.”

She looks convincing in the replay, so she must have looked absolutely terrifying during the actual incident.

Within two minutes, officers were at her home and they arrested the 25-year-old would-be robber, Aoreliorho Velasco.

One officer confirmed that Morse had done everything exactly as she should have. “She was calm, she gathered her children, got them out of harm’s way,” he said during an interview with Inside Edition.

Security footage from the house shows Velasco picking up a check and a laptop, rummaging through personal belongings and even looking straight into the security camera.

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“It’s a little overwhelming at times, but I did the right thing,” Morse said. “I protected my children.”

It will probably be a while before Velasco tries to pull something like that again, and any other potential criminals will probably give this family a wide berth because they know this mama means business.

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